28 March 2008

The Email

I mentioned back in January that there were several n00bs and temps who are taking quality parking spaces. I don't really know most of them and I don't really care to know them to be completely honest. However everyone in my department (and our office location) received this lovely piece of spam that I wanted to share with you to be ridiculed.

It comes from our temp receptionist who we'll call LL (not Cool J, but about as dumb as Lindsay Lohan). She's in her 60s, has a huge hunchback, is about 4'10", is testy on the phones and with the rest of us regular employees, has the mind of a child and enjoys doing children's large piece 300-piece puzzles during her breaks.

So she sends us this juicy little morsel just inviting us to pounce:

I brought in puzzles so anyone who wanted to relax and to put them together could.

I would greatly appreciate it if the person who is tearing down the puzzles would not do so. Many staff members enjoy working on them during our lunches and breaks.

After I found one torn down early this morning and the pieces placed in the box, I put up a sign asking that the puzzles be left intact. Then I started it over again. When I went back this afternoon on my break, I found it torn down again. The puzzle pieces were placed back in the box. Please let us have our breaks as we wish.

Thank you.

Ok, it wasn't me who did it, but believe me I thought of doing it. Now she's just opened herself up for us smart-asses to fuck with her head. Only one person came forward and defended her, someone very nice. Aww isn't that sweet.

Happy Weekend! Here's the Friday video...


cake said...

I would never suggest that you steal one piece from each puzzle. That'd be mean. ::cough::

Does she have a sister or cousin in Canada, by any chance? Cuz I'm looking at my friend the Humped Grinch...and wondering...

Redbeard76 said...

She does remind me of your "friend" the humpy grinch, i forgot to add that in the post. There's probably one of these at most places.

Ted D said...

As much as I wish Lugo for MVP was my team name, be prepared to be thrashed.

The Raging Munchkins are in your fantasy league, kissing your women and stealing your players.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Don't worry, Redbeard. While Ted is busy trash talking about *your* league, I'll be whooping him in mine. ;-)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh & is it wrong that I am picturing yoru receptionist looking like Roz from Monsters Inc? LOL

Tex said...

Ted, Dont YA have a SMACK TALK option in your fantasy league website for all that trash talk???

Well Redbeard, I'd say Cake's suggestion is something i would do. mean or not. in fact, I have a shirt that simply says "MEAN"

I was thinking someone should make a fictitious email account and send it to her saying "Some of us taking break relax by tearing down the puzzle, so keep building it, we will come." :)

Ted D said...


Does she look like the housekeeper on "Two and a half Men"?

'Cause that's how I'm picturing her.

Redbeard76 said...

Actually the day after receiving the email, I noticed she had moved the puzzle to the smaller kitchen closer to our department (there are 2 kitchens/breakrooms).

So I took the puzzle boxes and put them on a high shelf where she wasn't likely to see or reach them. They are now gone.

Tex said...

stephen is evil LOL!

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