20 October 2008

Missed it by THAT much

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
It's only fitting that I end the Red Sox blogging season with a photo of Papi since I began the season with David Ortiz. The only exception being that instead of inspiring as the king of cool, after a lackluster injury-riddled season, he had struck out. Such is the game of baseball. After getting 2 more games than previously anticipated, our Sox were limited to one run in last night's 3-1 loss to the 2008 American League Champions, the Tampa Bay Rays. (Gulp, that sounds very odd and looks even odder in writing!)

But that's the reality of it. The Rays played like they have played all season. They have finally earned the respect of the American League, doormats no more. 10 years after their inception, they have earned their way to play in the World Series. My hat's off to them.

That doesn't mean I'll be rooting for them in the Series; I know where my loyalties lie. The Phillies will crush them in 5 games.

Thank you, Boston Red Sox for a fantastic season and for putting up a fight to the end.

18 October 2008

Keep Smiling!

AP Photo

J.D. Drew has a reason to smile. And all of Red Sox Nation is smiling with him.

Thanks to J.D. and his game winning RBI in Thursday night's historic comeback win, the Red Sox soldier on and play another decisive game. Do or die. Again. Backs against the wall. Again. Tonight, we take the battle back to Tampa, Florida with the faith of another miracle can get us through another game.

The Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays can bite my tweeter. Johnny Cash says so too.

Peak Leaf Peeping

Just outside my door, looking down my street. Gorgeous in the early morning light as I head to the car.

Outside my window at work.

Drive-by photo of Camel's Hump from Bolton, VT.

12 October 2008

Near Peak

More love from the Mad River Valley in Central Vermont.

08 October 2008

The Lesser Known Beach Boys songs, as sung by John McCain

10. Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran*

9. Little Deuce Hummer

8. Be True to your Naval Academy

7. When I Grow Up (to be a Grumpy Old Man)

6. Help Me, Sarah

5. Arizona Girls

4. Let Them (Wall Street) Run Wild [b-side to Arizona Girls]

3. I Get Around (with Charles Keating)

2. Kokomo (Indiana, now nearly a battleground state)

1. Hot Fun in the Summertime (of Iraq for 1000 years)


*In no way do I condone bombing Iran. This is in reference to the deplorable joke McCain made that was brought up in last night's debate, which shouldn't even be joked about with war buddies. Like waterboarding. Senator McCain, you sir are not my friend, nor am I yours. Please stop calling me as such.

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