18 October 2008

Peak Leaf Peeping

Just outside my door, looking down my street. Gorgeous in the early morning light as I head to the car.

Outside my window at work.

Drive-by photo of Camel's Hump from Bolton, VT.


Chica said...

Were you driving when you took this picture? LOL I've done that before, and quite innocently scared the crap out of my brother as I was concentrating more on getting the picture then driving. hehe

Redbeard76 said...

Yes, just the last photo. I do it more than I like to, because sometimes I scare myself, but really, who is going to stop on the interstate to take a photo?! But yeah, they don't come out as well quite obviously, although it didn't help that it was cloudy there and sunny in the other 4 (taken the same day - the last one on the way home from work).

Ishat's Fire said...

Pretty pretty. I will have to put up some of mine.

I am stealing every-one's stuff lately.

Damn I hate this creative down time!

Bird said...

Ok I hope you realise you now have me almost crying with envious rage, your part of the USA is obviously the one that does fall in style, right? I'm still hoping we'll get colours like that in Tottenham, but somehow I doubt it :D

Seriously, seriously gorgeous photos, and you are a lucky man to see beauty like that every day.

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