29 September 2007

Thank You, Mariano Rivera; or, Lucky Man

It's indescribable what I'm feeling. So much joy, so much energy, so much positivity. Where to begin?

Honestly, I wasn't watching the start of the game, Jess and I were watching the phenomenal film called Knocked Up. A study in 21st century American (Californian) young adult society. We turned on the Sox in the 8th, we were up 4-2 and we added a solo homer to finish it 5-2. We see that the Yanks are up 9-6 after being up big 7-2 over the O's. For some reason, we channel flip since we are getting free Showtime this weekend. We also notice, hey, why are these MLB Extra Innings coming in? We find the O's broadcast of that game, so we follow along, flipping back to NESN for the anticipation of a possible celebration. Rivera takes the mound in the 9th. With every pitch, I solo chant "Marco... Scutaro..." - my wife doesn't even blink at my crazed state. She doesn't know the SG people that well, but she knows it's significant. 2 outs, bases loaded, Jay Payton triples in 3 runs to tie it!!!! We go nuts, high-fiving, doing a manic little dance, trying not to be too auspicious so we don't wake up the baby or irritate the neighbors, but who cares - the Red Sox could be AL East Champs tonight for the first time in 12 years!

Now in bed, we see that NESN is now carrying the game via the Fenway jumbotron and highlighting every out. Yanks put the B squad in the field, Kewar Ramirez (8.xx ERA) takes the mound. So you know what's coming. I so thought Kevin Millah would be the hero, as the ex-Sox. 2 outs, bases loaded. Melvin Mora comes through with the walk-off single RBI, the celebration officially kicks off, and I can't help but be speechless in awe. I was just taking it all in, in sort of a zone-like trance, occasionally laughing at the feverish antics of schoolboy foolishness. It is real, it is genuine, as much as the grin on this Sox fan's mug.

And it was on a Friday. The best day of my life in quite some time. A red-letter day, at the least.

Photos by: AP Photo/Elise Amendola, Elsa/Getty Images

09 September 2007

Family Connections, an open letter

In my search for my ancestry, so far I have made 3 Ingalsbe connections, all of which I have made contact with this weekend. I'm sure there are countless numbers of cousins out there waiting to be found.

Here is a letter to one which I initiated, by a Ingoldsby related search on the internet:

Hi Elyssianfields,

I found this site on the web by researching my own genealogy. Somehow we are distant cousins as it turns out. I've just recently started my own blog at redbeardonredsox.blogspot.com and I invite you to check it out. I've just started it this summer so there's not much there compared to here and your myspace. I've linked my lineage much as the same as yours, John Ingoldsby came over from England in 1640 to the Massachusetts Bay Colony at about the age of 20, married in Boston.

Currently I live in northwest Vermont, but was born and raised in Glens Falls, NY, where for several generations the Ingalsbe family has resided in nearby Washington County, NY. Other Ingalsbes still reside near Fort Edward, NY, whilst others have migrated to Kansas (I remember meeting them at one point as a child, all of which carry the Ingalsbe prominent feature, the oversized nose, possibly carried down from Cromwell lineage). My grandmother on my father's side was Esther Louise Dalbey, nee Ingalsbe.

As I continue my search, I'm sure I will discover plenty of interesting cousins along the way, and eventually hope to make contact with ones that remained in England.

photo: care of cariningalsbe.blogspot.com/Carin Ingalsbe

08 September 2007


You like to see moments like this when you're a parent, a happy giddy child in the throes of a massive gigglefest. Unfortunately, this is only a small fraction of parenting bliss when raising a soon-to-be toddler. The other quite larger fraction of the equation being the force-feeding of vegetables, the nappy changing, the more ever-present moodiness of miserable unhousebroken child. Soon enough, she will be off to school four years on, and I'll remember these moments rather than the negative ones, and I'll be the miserable one, bewept over the joyous moments of wonder. There she will be a teenager-in-training, meeting new friends, gaining in new influences, distancing herself from the influence of her natural parents.

The need to remind myself of these moments is ever more apparent, and though I highly value my private time, I absolutely treasure the weekends alone with my daughter while her mother is out working for the measly few bits we need to sustain a family.

No real notes on the Red Sox today, as I missed the majority of last night's game whilst we visited Miss Sierra's Pappa in Underhill, but was pleasantly unsurprised once we hopped back in the car to retreat home, as the Sox were up 3-0 mid-game. Final score: 4-0, Lester pitched well and there was a moment where the benches cleared to the field, but no punches were thrown after a knock-down pitch. The Sox stay ahead of the second place Yanks by 6.5 games, who lead the other teams for the wild card spot.

02 September 2007

The Catalyst

Last night's no-hitter by rookie Clay Buchholz was certainly the morale booster the Sox needed after 4 losses. More like an adrenaline injection. Not that all of it fell squarely on Buchholz' shoulders; baseball, after all, is a team effort. Excellent plays in the field, in particular by Dustin Pedroia and Coco Crisp contributed to the blanking in the hit and run columns. But devastating curveballs and change-ups were key to the now-historic game. September has begun with an explosion, and I foresee the rest of my favourite month of the year to continue with fireworks.

Photo: care of AP-Winslow Townson

01 September 2007

Bring home the trophy

Fantasy Football is a tricky proposition. You draft players with your peers, taking the best available player, or, if you're more savvy, you've developed a strategy. You avoid injuries, the dreaded bye weeks, but there's never any guarantee that you're a winner. Even if you have drafted the best possible squad. Every week is a crap shoot, nothing is consistent unless you are lucky enough to draft one of the top 3 players. American Football season is now upon us, a grinding 17 weeks where every week matters. Ok, so I'm not standing by the Vince Lombardi trophy, rather Lord Stanley Cup, in the more attractive days of my youth 8 years ago. But the point is to win, to the victors the spoils, and I intend to be victorious. I just need to place in the top 4 for a chance at the 2 week playoff. There's no monetary gain, only the splendor of bragging rights, but the victory is just as sweet. Now to dispatch 11 SG peers...

The Red Sox clubhouse is starting to look more like a MASH unit lately as the injury count surmounts. Luckily, this first day of September, the rosters are expanded, not a moment too soon. Tonight isn't a must-win versus Baltimore, but it would sure be good for morale. A Yankee win earlier this afternoon isn't encouraging either.

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