01 September 2007

Bring home the trophy

Fantasy Football is a tricky proposition. You draft players with your peers, taking the best available player, or, if you're more savvy, you've developed a strategy. You avoid injuries, the dreaded bye weeks, but there's never any guarantee that you're a winner. Even if you have drafted the best possible squad. Every week is a crap shoot, nothing is consistent unless you are lucky enough to draft one of the top 3 players. American Football season is now upon us, a grinding 17 weeks where every week matters. Ok, so I'm not standing by the Vince Lombardi trophy, rather Lord Stanley Cup, in the more attractive days of my youth 8 years ago. But the point is to win, to the victors the spoils, and I intend to be victorious. I just need to place in the top 4 for a chance at the 2 week playoff. There's no monetary gain, only the splendor of bragging rights, but the victory is just as sweet. Now to dispatch 11 SG peers...

The Red Sox clubhouse is starting to look more like a MASH unit lately as the injury count surmounts. Luckily, this first day of September, the rosters are expanded, not a moment too soon. Tonight isn't a must-win versus Baltimore, but it would sure be good for morale. A Yankee win earlier this afternoon isn't encouraging either.


hayes said...

You're going down!

Honestly, I think the FF league is going to be a total hoot.

I've read your blog, I've just never commented before. About once a month I go on blog 'walk about'. You should link it to snarky ferret.

Redbeard76 said...

Thanks hayes! I'm tinkering with my profile picture and having issues with it right now.

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