29 September 2007

Thank You, Mariano Rivera; or, Lucky Man

It's indescribable what I'm feeling. So much joy, so much energy, so much positivity. Where to begin?

Honestly, I wasn't watching the start of the game, Jess and I were watching the phenomenal film called Knocked Up. A study in 21st century American (Californian) young adult society. We turned on the Sox in the 8th, we were up 4-2 and we added a solo homer to finish it 5-2. We see that the Yanks are up 9-6 after being up big 7-2 over the O's. For some reason, we channel flip since we are getting free Showtime this weekend. We also notice, hey, why are these MLB Extra Innings coming in? We find the O's broadcast of that game, so we follow along, flipping back to NESN for the anticipation of a possible celebration. Rivera takes the mound in the 9th. With every pitch, I solo chant "Marco... Scutaro..." - my wife doesn't even blink at my crazed state. She doesn't know the SG people that well, but she knows it's significant. 2 outs, bases loaded, Jay Payton triples in 3 runs to tie it!!!! We go nuts, high-fiving, doing a manic little dance, trying not to be too auspicious so we don't wake up the baby or irritate the neighbors, but who cares - the Red Sox could be AL East Champs tonight for the first time in 12 years!

Now in bed, we see that NESN is now carrying the game via the Fenway jumbotron and highlighting every out. Yanks put the B squad in the field, Kewar Ramirez (8.xx ERA) takes the mound. So you know what's coming. I so thought Kevin Millah would be the hero, as the ex-Sox. 2 outs, bases loaded. Melvin Mora comes through with the walk-off single RBI, the celebration officially kicks off, and I can't help but be speechless in awe. I was just taking it all in, in sort of a zone-like trance, occasionally laughing at the feverish antics of schoolboy foolishness. It is real, it is genuine, as much as the grin on this Sox fan's mug.

And it was on a Friday. The best day of my life in quite some time. A red-letter day, at the least.

Photos by: AP Photo/Elise Amendola, Elsa/Getty Images

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jenny said...

Wow. Papelbon's legs are even whiter without his pants on.

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