15 August 2009

A Lack of Something

Certainly my motivation to blog has been lacking of late, settling for the daily Facebook interactions, which can be quite satisfying, but my creative juices have suffered because of it. In addition, the summer time isn't always the best time to blog, what with all the outdoor distractions that come with it. Throw in a busy 3 year old and... Oh my god I'm making excuses again!

At least I'm not the only one.

Ok, really, enough with my excuses! Focus... dedicate...

So a quick catch-up is in order.

No, not that kind of ketchup.

Sierra got a taste of pre-school this summer. After being referred to EEE (Early Education) for speech, they decided to rush her into a 6 week summer program (which was only 5 weeks due to our annual camping vacation), 30 minutes twice a week one-on-one, then in September she will begin 2 hours twice a week with other kids. So far she loves her school and her speech has picked up a little bit but she still has a long way to go (Thursday's child has far to go).

With a couple of flips and flops, the decision to move to New Hampshire for my job is off. Mistakes were made but I think this is the right thing to do. As a result, my mother is trying really hard to get me to move back to New York but I'm not sure about that yet.

We had another excellent week at Lake Groton. It wasn't all that warm save for a couple of days but it only rained 2 out of 8 days, so overall it was a success, Sierra enjoyed herself and we made it out of the campground to enjoy some of the other things - the Nature Center, Boulder Beach across the lake.

Enjoy some pics. Maybe I'll post again sooner than 3-4 months.

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