28 May 2008

Time Lords

While in Boston I stopped in ye olde funny book and nerd shoppe and met the pleasant reporter Lois Lane as planned and unexpectedly the ace of bacon. While there I picked up a copy of Doctor Who magazine featuring actor Peter Davison (whom you might know from "At Home with the Braithwaites", one of my favorite shows from a few years back). Little did I know I got the special edition that contained a bit of magic.

The next day I was surprised to see the Tardis on the front lawn and was lured inside with candy. I was whisked away to parts unknown. When we stepped outside the Tardis, we first saw this lovely garden.

We went a little bit up the road and came across this farmer plowing his field the old-fashioned way. I commended him for his brave fashion choice in hats. We followed the sign to the village, we weren't far from civilazation, fortunate for us.

Next we saw this house and asked the lady of the house where and when we were while she was cooking dinner. 1799, Massachusetts she replied.

Sierra was given some goldfish crackers which immediately attracted the attention of this woolly beast, and nearly mistook Sierra's hand for baked cheesy goodness.

The good doctor was nice enough to take this group photo in front of the town, who saw us coming. We were dressed oddly to them so they formed a lynch mob so we needed to high tail it on out of there.

Not even the cuteness of this lamb would stop the mob armed with torches and pitchforks. They kept yelling "burn the witches, burn the witches!"

The doctor was briefly distracted as he is wont to do by these wild violets. Silly doctor, we need to run!

The townspeople started building this stake where we were to be burned at. Funny that they wanted to burn us right in the middle of this lovely garden next to the village common.

Luckily we escaped with our lives with nothing more than a mere splinter. Nothing was accomplished in this mission. We only managed to frighten the simple townspeople of Old Sturbridge Village and we were returned back to our own time.

23 May 2008





Add Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts to that list.

Speakers on for the full experience.

16 May 2008

Stumbling over what to say

Apologies for the lack of interesting material of late, but I'm heading off on holiday tonight. I'll have the laptop with me of late I might try to blog from the road.

Whilst on the road, I hope not to see too many of these characters standing on corners. The ones up here stand out in all sorts of dismal weather, usually hiding behind their billboards, or "directionals" as they say in the biz. They seem the most miserable lot; the job can't pay that much and to hold a sign, you really do look like a chump just to boost your business by a scant 8%. I really do feel sorry for this lot; I suppose I shouldn't, it was their choice to take such a horrid job, but I still can't help it if I want to splash them with a massive rain puddle or throw a half-empty cup at them as I drive past. However, here are the Elbow lads and the most cheerful human directional to ever twirl a sign.

13 May 2008

Here we go again

9:05 pm EST: Sister of Redbeard heading to hospital to deliver her 2nd child.

We still don't know the gender of the baby; he or she refuses to show him/herself in any and all ultrasounds. We are prepared for a very stubborn devil child.

9:29 pm EST: Red Sox - bases loaded with no outs for Manny Ramirez. Down 5-3.

9:34: Manny fouling off pitch after pitch.

9:35: Manny gets jammed inside and grounds into a double play, out at home and first.

9:38: Mike Lowell flies out to left field to end the inning, stranding 2 baserunners.

9:39: Realises that maybe this live blogging thing is bad luck for his team. However, baseball pales in comparison to the delivery of the newest member of our family.

Wednesday 14 May, 7:15 am: Receives call from Mother of Redbeard. Sister of Redbeard has been in hospital all night and received her epidural at 5 am. Any time now.

7:25: Redbeard leaves the house to commute to work.

8:30: Redbeard arrives at work, no new messages.

8:40: Redbeard gets call from Mother.

::drum roll please::

Rebecca Hosler was born at 7:52am this morning. No middle name as of yet.

7 lbs 6 oz, 20 1/2".

Pictures presumably soon to come.

09 May 2008

No News

Nothing new to report really, but things are going well. Lunch was provided again at work today, 2 Fridays in a row now. Today was somebody's birthday, and unlike Milton from Office Space, I didn't get skipped on the cake. Or cupcakes, as it were.

Red Sox win again in a fantastic effort by Josh Beckett and Manny DelCarmen who did a fantastic inning of work in an otherwise lackluster year (season ERA shrank from 7.30 to 6.75 in one inning of work).

It is cemented, I will be joining fellow bloggers in a "palooza" in Boston next weekend. I'm extremely psyched.

Oh and I'd like to thank the US Treasury for depleting the government account so we can pay for gas. Today was the first time I've filled up my gas tank completely in the last month. Lately, I've only been getting $20 here, $20 there. It's like I gave my car an extra treat with a full tank. Sad times, these.

But that's ok, it's a weekend! Happy Mother's Day, especially to all you single moms out there, who do so much for your kids. I hope your kids do something a little extra special for you! Now at Sprockets, we dance...

06 May 2008

Great Britain Journey, part 3

First, some updates.

1. The Humpy Emailing Puzzle Retard who ruined streaming audio and other frivolities at the job has left the company, her temp assignment was up. We threw a going away party, but it was more for us celebrating her departure than honouring her time there. Don't let the door hit ya, biotch! Walking into work on Monday was quite honestly a breath of fresh air, I really had to pinch myself. She really is gone! ::happy dance::

2. Sierra now loves bacon and pizza. We couldn't be happier. Until she gets a cholesterol problem. But at least now, no more bacon abuse. But she still loves her toast. Just wait until I get her up to a full English. Now that's a proud moment.

3. Elton John is coming to my town, MY TOWN!!! This summer to do a gig at the fairgrounds, but not during fair week. First time to Vermont I hear. I'd say that's almost better than the Queen coming to town. Wait, it IS the Queen coming to town! Who's next, George Michael?

Now to refresh everyone here's a link to
Great Britain Journey part 1
Great Britain Journey part 2

And now,

Day 15

-Edinburgh all day
-Edinburgh Castle
-Royal Mile
-possibly an extra day in Edinburgh, depending on how much we love it. All plans are subject to change.

Day 16

-M90 to A92 to A915 to St. Andrews
-morning/early afternoon in St. Andrews
-A91 to M90 to Perth, where there's a Red Sox fan in Scotland I've met online who would get together for a pint. You know who you are, Nips.

Day 17

-M90 to Aberdeen
-short stop in Aberdeen for lunch and a quick walk
-A944 to A97 to A939 to A95 to A9 to Inverness.
-take loads of photos passing through Cairngorm National Park

Day 18

-morning in Inverness
-drive along Loch Ness down the A82
-pass Ben Nevis
-drive through Loch Lomond National Park, still on A82
-night in or around Glasgow, again.

Day 19

-drive south on the M74 to M6 to A66
-Lake district all day. Lancashire right and proper.

Day 20

-quick jaunt through Yorkshire National Park
-quick swing by Wigan and on to Liverpool
-remainder of day in Liverpool.
-Docks museum
-Beatles museum
-pass on the jokes please.

Here's one. What do you call a Liverpudlian in a suit?

The accused.

Day 21

-debate still exists in my mind whether or not to spend a day in Manchester or not, since I'm not much of an Oasis fan or Joy Division fan. I am however a fan of the Moz and the mighty Smiths, that might be worth the day itself. Please convince me people of England, otherwise I'd go on to the next leg that takes me through North Wales, Snowdonia and down the western edge of Wales through Radio 1 Aled's hometown of Aberystwyth. I'm the only gay in the village. (Is there a Llandewi Breffi?)

More to come...

(Red Sox win again, with back-to-back blasts by Ortiz and Ramirez! No easy feat in Detroit's enormous Comerica ballpark.)

05 May 2008

Friday 5 Meme

Today's Meme c/o Dawn.

1. Describe where you grew up:
Upper Hudson Valley, New York. About an hour or so north of Albany, the state capital. A small city of ~14,000. On the outskirts, within walking distance to a beach on the Hudson River. There is a small mall (I miss Caldor! Don't you?), a drive-in (there used to be 3, one of them the adult variety). Besides the school trips to the state museum in Albany or passing through on the way to summer camp, I never went there until I was a teenager (to the bigger, way cooler 2-story mall).

2. Do you wear any jewelery?
Only my wedding ring usually. I'm not one for chains but I do have a watch that I seldom wear. It's so heavy and I don't like the idea of being weighed down by time or bound to a clock, so I prefer to go without it. Such a hippie, as contrary as that is to being a punk, but some ideals they can agree on.

3. What do you have too much of?
Nothing, you can never have too much of anything. Well, maybe excess weight. I would love to get down to a svelte 190 again, a number I haven't seen since high school.

4. Who is a fool?
Stupid drivers that make me get all road ragey.

5. What's your nickname?
My sister calls me "Mon Frere". Professionally I try to go by Stephen at work, but most people who know me call me Steve.

03 May 2008

Things to do during a 2 hour 20 minute rain delay

-do the laundry*
-make whoopee
-go shopping
-put the kids to bed*
-set the squirrels free
-reload the mp3 player with new music
-get drunk
-sit in traffic waiting for the train to pass*
-wash the dishes, especially the forks. filthy buggers.
-make a new x-rated blog
-get ready for Vermont Green-Up Day
-go fishing
-watch the 40 Year Old Virgin*
-count the balls in the yard
-text someone
-buy tickets to the Elton John show that just went on sale
-make strawberry shortcakes*
-search for a good Friday dance video

What say you?

Have a most enjoyable weekend.

*things that actually happened while I waited for the Sox to start their game. Waiting paid off, they won 7-3 after I fell asleep.

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