28 May 2008

Time Lords

While in Boston I stopped in ye olde funny book and nerd shoppe and met the pleasant reporter Lois Lane as planned and unexpectedly the ace of bacon. While there I picked up a copy of Doctor Who magazine featuring actor Peter Davison (whom you might know from "At Home with the Braithwaites", one of my favorite shows from a few years back). Little did I know I got the special edition that contained a bit of magic.

The next day I was surprised to see the Tardis on the front lawn and was lured inside with candy. I was whisked away to parts unknown. When we stepped outside the Tardis, we first saw this lovely garden.

We went a little bit up the road and came across this farmer plowing his field the old-fashioned way. I commended him for his brave fashion choice in hats. We followed the sign to the village, we weren't far from civilazation, fortunate for us.

Next we saw this house and asked the lady of the house where and when we were while she was cooking dinner. 1799, Massachusetts she replied.

Sierra was given some goldfish crackers which immediately attracted the attention of this woolly beast, and nearly mistook Sierra's hand for baked cheesy goodness.

The good doctor was nice enough to take this group photo in front of the town, who saw us coming. We were dressed oddly to them so they formed a lynch mob so we needed to high tail it on out of there.

Not even the cuteness of this lamb would stop the mob armed with torches and pitchforks. They kept yelling "burn the witches, burn the witches!"

The doctor was briefly distracted as he is wont to do by these wild violets. Silly doctor, we need to run!

The townspeople started building this stake where we were to be burned at. Funny that they wanted to burn us right in the middle of this lovely garden next to the village common.

Luckily we escaped with our lives with nothing more than a mere splinter. Nothing was accomplished in this mission. We only managed to frighten the simple townspeople of Old Sturbridge Village and we were returned back to our own time.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I've only been to Old Sturbridge Village once. I think I was about 7 or 8...

Redbeard76 said...

Mine too, thanks to Free Family Big Y day!

Ishat's Fire said...

Wow I haven't been there in 10 years.

Ted D said...

Great pictures, Redbeard.

Time Machine, huh? I need to think about getting one of those for myself.

Lois Lane said...

Redbeard! Great to meet you! Glad the rest of the trip was fun.

Just as well you bought the DW Mag instead of "Preacher." If you had gotten "Preacher" you would have magically suddenly had a drunken Irish vampire in your car. Which is fun, until he eats all the goldfish crackers and then demands to go to IHOP. Oh, and, y'know, bites someone.

The last time I was at Sturbridge was when I was a kid too, Maybe we need to drive my kiddos out west to see it one of these old tymey days.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dang, boy. That's like Redbeardiana Jones and the Temple of Puritanical Uptightiness!

Great photos!

(Wasn't Peter Davison in "All Creatures Great and Small"? I used to watch that on PBS all the time...)

Jayne said...

Hooray, photo's at last.

Glad you escaped there, phew!!

P.S. At home with the Braithwaites was fab! Didn't realise you got so many UK shows out there!!

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