13 May 2008

Here we go again

9:05 pm EST: Sister of Redbeard heading to hospital to deliver her 2nd child.

We still don't know the gender of the baby; he or she refuses to show him/herself in any and all ultrasounds. We are prepared for a very stubborn devil child.

9:29 pm EST: Red Sox - bases loaded with no outs for Manny Ramirez. Down 5-3.

9:34: Manny fouling off pitch after pitch.

9:35: Manny gets jammed inside and grounds into a double play, out at home and first.

9:38: Mike Lowell flies out to left field to end the inning, stranding 2 baserunners.

9:39: Realises that maybe this live blogging thing is bad luck for his team. However, baseball pales in comparison to the delivery of the newest member of our family.

Wednesday 14 May, 7:15 am: Receives call from Mother of Redbeard. Sister of Redbeard has been in hospital all night and received her epidural at 5 am. Any time now.

7:25: Redbeard leaves the house to commute to work.

8:30: Redbeard arrives at work, no new messages.

8:40: Redbeard gets call from Mother.

::drum roll please::

Rebecca Hosler was born at 7:52am this morning. No middle name as of yet.

7 lbs 6 oz, 20 1/2".

Pictures presumably soon to come.


Ishat's Fire said...

He/she likes to surprise people.

This one will be a jester!

Hope all goes well.

Ishat's Fire said...

Congratulations Uncle!

Perfect weight and height!

Lois Lane said...

New baby! Hurrah!

Congrats to all!

Jayne said...

Congratulations Uncle Redbeard !!

(Ishat beat me to it hehe).

It's near;y Friday as well !!

cake said...

Hey, I missed this nice news...congratulations to Sister O'Redbeard!!

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