16 May 2008

Stumbling over what to say

Apologies for the lack of interesting material of late, but I'm heading off on holiday tonight. I'll have the laptop with me of late I might try to blog from the road.

Whilst on the road, I hope not to see too many of these characters standing on corners. The ones up here stand out in all sorts of dismal weather, usually hiding behind their billboards, or "directionals" as they say in the biz. They seem the most miserable lot; the job can't pay that much and to hold a sign, you really do look like a chump just to boost your business by a scant 8%. I really do feel sorry for this lot; I suppose I shouldn't, it was their choice to take such a horrid job, but I still can't help it if I want to splash them with a massive rain puddle or throw a half-empty cup at them as I drive past. However, here are the Elbow lads and the most cheerful human directional to ever twirl a sign.


Jayne said...

Happy Holidays!!

We want a LOT of pics when you get back please.

I hope you all have a great time.

cake said...

Have a nice vacation...and I second the request for pictures!

Sparkle Plenty said...

I'm way late, but, CONGRATULATIONS UNKA REDBEARD! Please remember: It is never too early to turn your niece into an anarchist.

Have a great road trip! I think you should give us your road trip play list and road snacks. Also, please tell us where the gas is cheapest.

Ted D said...

Redbeard, it was great to meet you Saturday, and I hate we weren't able to get together Monday for lunch. Give Jess my apologies and next time for sure.

Have a great vacation.

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