13 February 2008

More Tales of Sledding

It was a gorgeous 30 F / -1 C (about as good as we get in a Vermont February) and the snow hadn't yet melted in the parking lot and the sidewalks where I live, perfect for testing out Sierra's babyboggan.

One of the oldest buildings (by American standards, probably 150 years old) in my town, The Foundry. Converted to offices.

Another view of The Foundry.

Some homes in my neighborhood, most likely built in the 1960s and 70s to fulfill housing demands for the newly built IBM plant. They now go for ~$300 000. You can barely see my condo complex hiding behind the trees in the middle.

Your moment of zen. In snow-covered trees.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Redbeard,
Great film clip of Sierra, she looks to be having lots of fun. Enjoyed your photos too. Hope it is not too cold for you in Vermont.
Best wishes,
From, Jayne's Mum

Redbeard76 said...

Hello Jayne's Mum! I feel like part of the family now. Just waiting for Jayne's next installment of her tales. Loved the Marmite bit (yes they sell it here in the States too). I had an English roommate for a semester in college, football player from Manchester, who introduced me to Nutella. Like heaven, that Nutella.

We like it cold here in Vermont, keeps out the riffraff.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Redbeard,
I have been nagging Jayne to write a new blog and she is promising another one at any time, if not I will keep on nagging
ha, ha. Glad to hear you are keeping out the riff raff. Just to let you know the weather here is fantastically warm for February, no coats needed. Hope everyone is suitably envious.

Best wishes,

Jayne's Ma.

Redbeard76 said...

That's what I hear, as I listen to BBC Radio 6 Music online daily whilst at work. Yesterday, one of the DJs (Nemone) even read my name on air as I got one of their quizzes correct.

Lois Lane said...

Good morning!

Awesome video! Sierra looks like she's having fun. Wheeeee!

Sparkle Plenty said...

I LOVE that Jayne's mum is posting! :-) waves at Jayne's mum

Okay, looky here--this video is so cute it makes me weep.
1) Catch Movie Star Sierra waving at her adoring public!
2) And right after she waves she makes these great little "Are we going? Are we getting started? Mush, daddy, mush!" movements with her hands.
3) And then, the SMILES! What a cutie.
4) Not to mention the SHAKY-CAM EFFECT. Well, it's an actual shaky-cam I think. (Were you running BACKWARDS? How did you not fall down on the Redbeard tuchus?)

Redbeard76 said...

She's a great actress isn't she? I even directed her to wave (by waving myself). Yes I was running backwards, I had it all thought out.

Just wait until I start editing videos when I get a newer computer, I have some killer ideas in store. Jayne's videos have been inspirational, to say the least.

Look out, Martin Scorsese!

cake said...

Yer wee gal is a cutie...going to grow up to be daddy's little princess by the looks of it, too!

I envy you the weather...we've been alternating between viciously cold and piles of snow, neither of which is nice for being outside the house.

(p.s. Hi Jayne's Mum!)

Redbeard76 said...

Well that was Saturday, and like you it's been bitterly cold here too (-10 F / -23 C) just the other morning, and today it's been snowing also. When will we ever see Spring?


Jayne said...

Your daughter looks SOOO cute in that film. It looked like a lot of fun. More video's please !!!!

I feel nervous that my Mum has plucked up the courage to start commenting on Blogs. She may give away all my secrets. She's been reading all of them for aaages.

No snow here. I can confirm that the weather here this week has been glorious! I'm loving this global warming.

Redbeard76 said...

Question Jayne, what video editing software do you use? Do you feel there are any limitations to it or does it allow you to do pretty much what you want with it? Any suggestions?

Jayne said...

Hi Redbeard,

I use Adobe Premier Elements to do my videos. I find it does the job well enough for me. I've had that for a few years now and to be honest I'd like something a bit more cutting edge but that would require me to get a 'Mac' computer and I can't justify me spendng that sort of money when my current PC is fine.

The effects on Adobe are pretty cool and it it really depends on what you are planning to do. I just love making short (and hopefully amusing) films that I cut together with a soundtrack. Adobe suits me fine for this. If I don't like the title templates on Adobe, then I make my own in the microsoft paint programme I did that for the Silent Movie film. It took me bloody ages but it had a better overall effect.

If I had my way, I'd have a PC dedicated to pure film editing and I'd be in heaven if I could use real special effects. Nobody would ever see me again...Oh dear, I think I'm a geek....

Give me a shout if you want any help.

Ted D said...

Stephen, you have got to tell me how you did that with the video.

I can have actual video of Rakes and Trot put on my blog? Imagine the possibilities.

Looks like Ciera had a great time with her Dad; not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Redbeard76 said...

Thank you so much Jayne, that has helped tremendously. I've been looking at Costco at a Roxio Multimedia Editor - I think it was the Easy Media Creator 10. I'm not looking to go totally professional, but at least to have some level of quality without being cheesy.

However, I do plan on purchasing an external hard drive to support my new video directing hobby, I think you can do that without having to upgrade your PC. Please feel free to email me, I have it up in my profile, I'd love to exchange ideas and what not. Happy Thursday!

Ted, I shot it all myself, no cameraman but me, using my Kodak digital camera, whilst running backward. Then uploaded to the computer, then to Blogger. One time I did have some trouble uploading to Blogger, so I uploaded to my YouTube account adding an extra step. Most likely if you have a digital camera, you probably have a video setting too, I'd venture to say all the new ones do unless it was a low-budget camera.

Rebecca Taunton said...

What a lovely video...your daughter is really sweet!

And there was me complaining that it's below 6celcius today! I have to admit that it would be nice to see some snow, not that there's much chance of that happening here.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Those snow-covered trees almost made me miss New England. Almost. Ask me again after the first Sox homestand.

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