14 February 2008

Caught in the A-C-T on St. Valentine's Day

12 years removed, a couple of girlfriends, one wife, and child later, I still feel a little embarrassed about it, but I feel compelled to share this moment with the world and any aliens who may be reading on this transmission. PG-13 to R rating.

So it was Valentine's Day, and I was spending it as any good boyfriend would, with my girlfriend of 2 months, who we will call CK. We are at her off-campus housing room where she was boarding. CK assures me her roommate, who we'll call TB, will be out all afternoon. So we get cosy, and we get topless.

After about 20 minutes of making out, TB comes through the door. First thought is "Oh Sh*t". Second thought is Cover Up. Third thought is "How long are you staying???"

TB hangs out in the room for what seemed to be an exhorbitant amount of time. 10 minutes pass. She is now eating tinned fruit. What the hell? Can't you see we're trying to enjoy our first Valentine's Day? This didn't seem to bother TB, and obviously she can't take a hint.

Eventually she left, but the feeling was gone. Our Valentine's Day had been ruined.

Happy V-Day!


cake said...

On Valentine's Day!? That's horrifying! Why was she eating tinned fruit and not chocolate?


Sorry...okay, really, some people just have no idea of boundaries.

Ted D said...

ROFL, Stephen.

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