30 January 2008

So Long, John Edwards

*Photo care of abcnews.com*

John, you would have made a fantastic president. You had the guts to run for office while your wife was suffering from cancer and grieving for your lost son. You had the guts to stand up to lobbyists on your campaign platform. You had the guts to propose health care reform by threatening to revoke the health care of senators and congressman if reform was not passed.

My last request of you John is that you do NOT endorse Hillary Clinton, and that you DO endorse Barack Obama as Democratic Presidential Candidate.

29 January 2008

Evening at the Walk-In "Care" Clinic

No, this isn't the title of a show you want to go to. It's probably the next thing closest to hell.

Let me back up.

Saturday, wifey is coming out of the video rental store back to the car. Right in front of the car she misses the curb for the pavement and goes down hard into a slushy mud puddle. Mud all up and down her sleeves. I laugh at her misfortune just thinking that she bruised her pride and soiled her clothes, nothing more. As the day goes on she comments on the pain in her hand. I say you probably just bruised it, it will heal on its own, no need to see the doctor, just take some generic Tylenol and you'll be fine.

Over the next two days, her hand turns a purplish-black color and she's complaining of numbness in her hand. "I can't do anything with it, I can't lift up Sierra" she says calling me at work yesterday, getting more frantic. I tell her to call her general practitioner, tell her what's wrong and get her advice. They tell her to go to the Walk-In Care Clinic as soon as you can and have them x-ray it to make sure it isn't broken.

So into the health "care" system we go again. You know, they really should eliminate the word "care", because they really don't. It's not far away, only 5 or so minutes from our flat, so we have that going for us. I pick Wifey and Sierra up, drop off carpooler KC, and we arrive. Unbeknownst to us, we walk in the wrong door. We see a man sitting at a desk saying registration, so we say the doctor called in an appointment for an x-ray, because supposedly we were to believe that an appointment was called in. He points us in the direction of radiology and we head that way.

On the door of radiology reception is a sign that says "Ring bell for radiology. If no one responds within 10 minutes, please ring bell again." What if no one comes after the second or third bell ring, do we stand there like dopes? Fortunately, someone comes out in his little white coat about a minute or two after we first ring the bell. He asks if we have an appointment, we say yes. He doesn't have us down for an appointment as it turns out, GP doctor didn't phone one in. He points us in the direction of check-in and we go to the check-in window.

The check-in window person takes our name on a notepad, then shuffles us off to the waiting room. Yes, you must wait before you check in.

Half hour later we get called, we can check in now. We give the window clerk all the usual information for the intake paperwork - they ask where we work and phone numbers (what does this have anything to do with health uncare?), we give our health insurance card over, then they ask us what our copay is. I don't know, bill my health insurance I say. They say, most people's copays are $20, so we'll take $20 from you now. So I write the check for $20 - why I need to do this is beyond me. Then they shuffle us back to the waiting room.

Another half hour passes. It's 7 o'clock and it's right about Sierra's bed-time, but she's still up in our lovely little waiting room. An official looking nurse comes in and calls wifey's name. Five minutes later she comes back saying she just took her blood pressure and pulse. Why, there's nothing wrong with her blood pressure, she's got a bruised hand for f*ck's sake.

Another half hour passes. Nurse #2 comes in and calls wifey's name. Conservo-nazi Glenn Beck is on Headline News with buddy Chuck Norris who's endorsing GOP candidate Dink Huckabee (WTF???).

Sierra's still awake and terrorizing the waiting room. She has now strewn magazines and goldfish crackers about the waiting room, and honestly I don't mind. I encourage her. "Now be a good girl and throw some goldfishys on the floor" I say. It's the least we could do to retaliate for all the useless time we've been waiting. We suffer through the ugly Nancy Grace on the TV, going on about some marine and his tattoos. I say to myself "By the time we get out of here, the chimp will be done with his State of the Union address" and wondered if this place has become like the Hotel California - people checking in but they don't check out- I'm not seeing anyone leave after they've come in. Eerie, I wondered if aliens had abducted her and were performing anal probes or some other nasty business.

Now the time is almost 9 pm. Sierra has turned into Miss Whiny McCrankypants and is crying and I comfort her almost to sleep. It is over 2 hours past her bed time and I haven't had dinner yet and no bathroom breaks. Suddenly Jess comes back and we sign some form, we check out and we leave at 8:58 pm. Three hours total, just for an x-ray on her hand to see if it's broken or not. Jess reveals after they whisked her away, it must have been another 20 minutes before anyone else entered the room. There were nurses just loitering around outside her door just chatting away as if there were no patients, talking about the new Lost series coming up and food, which we had none of since lunch. The actual x-ray part was the quickest part of the whole thing.

Exhausted, hungry and thirsty, we come back home and promptly put Sierra to bed. We quickly make some boxed mac and cheese and hot dogs, wolf them down and retire to the boudoir. A night not spent well, $20 to sit in a waiting room for 3 hours to babysit our daughter, watch TV and read magazines that we really don't care about.

So the moral of the story is:

Health care in America SUCKS, there's really no better word for it. It's terrible, inefficient, wasteful. Any foreigners planning a trip to America - don't get sick or get hurt, it will cost you if you don't have "health insurance", which doesn't work because it SUCKS you of your money and time. It really SUCKS the life out of you.

Health care NEEDS reform in America. I shouldn't have to wait 3 hours for care, much less on an empty stomach with a toddler past her bedtime. I shouldn't have to want to move out of country to receive adequate health service. My manifesto is summed up by the following:

1. Health insurance needs to be eliminated. CEOs of these evil empires and their ilk are lining their pockets with blood money of the dying and the sick. We pay exorbitant amounts for the sole reason of them going golfing on a daily basis. They only increase the inefficiency and needless paperwork. Dismantle these corporations and fine and try the leaders of these for extortion and fraud is step number one.

2. Use the fines to set up the NHS - a National Health Service funded through the sale and dismantling of the health insurance companies and through tax dollars (I'd gladly pay more taxes if it meant we got adequate health care), which could be done without increase if we got out of f*cking Iraq and stop threatening Muslim countries and starting f*cking wars and actually used a fraction (1/4 would well supply this) of our defense budget for worthwhile things like healthcare and education.

Any questions? See Michael Moore's Sicko. Do it as soon as you get home. If you're already home, rent it now. Or even better, buy it.


28 January 2008

Redbeard Junior

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Happy Monday.

26 January 2008

The Addition

When I was 3 or 4, my father built an addition onto our previously small home. This addition was comprised of a long narrow hallway leading to a door to the garage at the end, a large master bedroom on one side of the hallway, and a small office and the new larger bathroom on the other side.

Little did he know that this hallway would make a perfect bowling alley when I became 8 or 9.

Somehow I obtained a non-threatening foam Nerf-type ball sphere. I took 10 empty soda cans, wrapped them in construction paper and tape, numbered them one through ten (apparently it mattered which order I set them up in, I must have been anal retentive as a kid), and I threw strikes. After each throw, I would manually clear all the knocked down cans/pins, take score, then throw again as necessary. I would set up each pin about 3 inches apart (I wouldn't take a ruler to them, I wasn't that anal) so it wouldn't be that easy to throw a strike, I had to maintain some degree of difficulty. This was a quality operation, and it kept me busy and entertained on many a rainy day. The only trouble I got from it were the cats, they would chase the ball and scatter my meticulously positioned pins, frustratingly enough, however I did have a laugh. I hope one day to have a house with similar structure so I can bowl cheaply with my Sierra.

Have a picture of Sierra and her cousin when they came from New York to visit a couple of weeks ago. Her onesie says it all.

25 January 2008

Just Ducky

In continuing with the post-Duck-Thursday festivities, I'm going to consult with my duck cliché book:

Someone said the secret word.

Like a duck in water.

Like water off a duck's back.

Nice weather, for a duck.

Would you like a quacker?

Quack, Quack, Quack, Quack, Cockle-doodle-doo. (Captain Feathersword's favorite song)

Have a quackin' good weekend!

24 January 2008

The Early Bird

I used to be able to park right in front of the building in which I work. Every day. Even if I was late sometimes.

This morning, I left the house a few minutes early because the old lady was getting on my last nerve, and I wasn't carpooling today with KC (that's another story that I'm none too pleased about, but boo-hoo). I stopped at the store as usual to pick up a breakfast sandwich and a Monster Java coffee drink.

Nowadays, all the good parking spaces have been taken by the neophytes and temps that get in at 8am with the new program we're running, providing the locals with underpaying underbenefitted jobs while making our customer have longer hold wait times on the phones. Quite ineffective really, and taking up precious good parking spaces too by these undeserving n00bs.

But what a difference 15 minutes makes, I got a shiny, lovely parking space, not more than 20 feet from the door, and I didn't have to park in the visitor's or VP's spot to do it. And that helps when it's only 11 F / -10 C and snowing outside.

Simple pleasures, really.

23 January 2008

Slow News Day?

I wish I knew how to quit you, Heath Ledger

Damn, I Ain't No Oprah beat me to it. By over 12 hours.

So what else do we have for news today?

Well, this in my town made top story news yesterday during the lunch hour:


The great thing about Vermont's low crime rate? Not seeing big city news like Boston or New York: murder-murder-murder. Vermont's news? Weed debates-Impeach Bush rallies-Little old ladies on the loose.

22 January 2008

Anatomy of a Commute: a Pictorial

Ah, leaving the condo. Freedom, sweet freedom. Ooh, the sun is coming up, it looks like it's going to be a nice day. But brrrr... it's cold!

Ah sh*t, gotta scrape.

Great, traffic. Stopped at the five corners light in the centre of town.

Ah, Mickey Dees. But I can't stop today, I'm running a bit late.

Picking up my carpool mate, KC.

On the highway now, going through the suburbs. Traffic's not as bad as it can be sometimes.

Opening back up to countryside.

Off the highway, and a stop at our regular convenience store. Also doubles as a liquor store and in the summer a creemee* stand. So you can put Grand Marnier on your ice cream cone.

Passing The Alchemist, they brew some excellent brews. And if you have too much to drink, you can go upstairs to the tattoo parlor above. Normally driving through this town you can smell Green Mountain Coffee all through the town, but not today.

Going uphill to 1100', a hairy drive when the roads are snow covered.

Back in the Mad River Valley, I just missed a great view of Sugarbush Mountain Ski Resort.

Made it just in time, with 4 minutes to spare.

Beautiful view out my window, with a nice touch of hoar frost on the trees.


* Creemees - Vermonter for soft serve ice cream cones.

21 January 2008

Inscription on the Statue of Indie Music

Not like the brazen giant of major label fame,
With denied demo tapes astride from land to land;
Here at our eclectic, varied gates shall stand
A mighty woman with dyed hair, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Outsiders. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her wild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep mainstream music, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your different, your weird,
Your disaffected masses yearning to listen freely,
The ostracized youth of your teeming shore.
Send these, the ones big record companies shun to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

19 January 2008

The Fiery Furnaces Gig Review

Take me out tonight, because I want to see people and I want to see life. - Steven Patrick Morrissey

Earlier in the morning yesterday, I downloaded some music (legally, of course, I pay my music service well) so I could expand my knowledge on the band I was to see that night.

During my commute to work, I had my mp3 player at random (I'd like to cross out Creative and write Apple iPod, so you guys and gals would think I'm more upscale), and for some reason, it chose only songs that were only able to be produced in the studio and difficult to listen to and reproduce on a live stage. I started having my doubts about the gig.

Then I thought to myself, they're not going to play things that aren't difficult or not crowd pleasers and pull an Andy Kaufman maneuver.

I get there after the doors open. There couldn't have been more than 40 in the room, so I start to get nervous. I grab a beer, the opening band comes on, and I shuffle to the front of the room by the band My Dearest Darling. The room starts to fill up during their set and by the end of their surprisingly good set, the room swells with probably over 250 bodies.

One noticable thing about My Dearest Darling. The bassist and drummer switched places 3 times or so during their set. Why this is I am unclear, but I think the shorter guy was the better drummer and the taller one was the better bassist.

Fiery Furnaces take the stage and after another beer, I am near the stage again, but not as close as I was at first, about 3 or 4 back, and in clear view of Eleanor and the band. First song played was the only one I knew with any certainty, Navy Nurse. The rest was for the most part was unexplored territory, and enchanting it was. Older favourites such as Single Again and Blueberry Boat were played as well as newer live versions from Bitter Tea and Widow City.

Early on in the set, it was revealed that bassist Jake was playing so hard that his wrist bled over the top of the bass. Helter Skelter Paul McCartney has nothing on this guy. Jake took it like a champ and kept playing, sans bandage. Truly Jake is a Les Claypool for the next generation.

Matthew is a mad master of the keys. Whilst everything aurally seems to be in chaos, every dissonant cluster chord has been carefully and meticulously planned. Ray Manzarek of Doors fame he is not; only so much more.

And Eleanor, unassuming in her own style. Vocal intensity is her forte. However, not as one usually expects female vocalists. She is more of a vocal percussionist, attacking each sung syllable with a drummer's precision on a snare. The rhythms flow out of her like an engine piston, as if there was a fourth instrument in the band. Lyrically, she sets forth a positive future while reflecting on a stormy past, and the juxtaposition of the two set the tempo for most of the songwriting - "I'll never get married again/When I was single/My pockets would jingle."

Audience participation was minimal until toward the end of the set. Eleanor announced to the room that this is a derockracy, she will take secret ballots on slips of paper on the stage that they would do the song with the most votes before the end of the set. Place Freebird joke here.

Now it wasn't fair of me to classify them prior as electronica, this couldn't be further from the truth. Sure, their set last night didn't feature a guitar, just bass, drum, and keys. And not in the way you would think like Keane. Other YouTube vids feature guitar, sometimes two, sometimes other percussion and instrumentation. I have the tremendous feeling that no two shows are the same as they tweak theme and variation. Let's call them indie and leave it at that. Let's also say they are a much better and different band live than they are on their studio CD.

18 January 2008

Gig Tonight

For the past 6.5 years, my live music going has been a virtual vacuum.

Tonight, for the first time since before 9/11, I am going to a gig.

The tickets were cheap, I got permission from the wife, and the child should be in bed before I go. And all I had to do was buy scrapbook supplies and pizza to appease the benevolent dictator.

The last show I went to was Dave Matthews Band in 2001. Tonight I will be seeing The Fiery Furnaces, indie electronica band that pushes the experimental envelope, should be interesting to say the least. They have been highly recommended by BBC Radio 6 Music's Marc Riley's Brain Surgery, so I thought I'd give it a go. The Brain Surgery also suggested Thomas Tantrum whom I adore. I don't know what that says about my taste in music, but Robert's your father's brother. Now how to ask the benevolent dictator that I want to go to the Neko Case gig next week...

Have another video.

I Forgot

Two last favourite Canadians:

- Great Big Sea
- The Arcade Fire (they even made my top 10 list of songs/albums for 2007.)

Have a video.

17 January 2008

My Favourite Canadians, eh. (Part Deux)

Again, in no particular order:

- Feist
- Eric Gagne (not really)
- Celine Dion (really not really)
- Jennifer the Humpy Grinch (Really really not really)
- the Canadian Brass (seen 'em live!), sneakers and all.
- John Kricfalusi
- Todd McFarlane
- Joseph Armand Bombardier (invented the snowmobile - Bombardier has offices in Vermont)
- the Mackenzie Brothers

What say you?

16 January 2008

My Favourite Canadians, eh.

In no particular order:

-Steve Nash
-Pamela Anderson
-Michael Myers
-Don Cherry
-The other guy from Hockey Night in Canada
-Jim Carrey
-the Barenaked Ladies
-Wayne Gretzky
- the Loony
- Red Green
- Nelly Furtado
- Brian Mulroney
- Rick Mercer
- Sarah McLachlan
- the Toony
- Canadian Whiskey
- The RCMP (Mounties to you south of the border)
- Sasketchewan RoughRiders
- Tim Horton
- the guy walking behind me in Toronto when I dropped my sunglasses and said "Watch out for that guy, he's a klutz."
- Chantal Kreviazuk (sp?)
- my brother-in-law's wife

Any others I'm missing?

15 January 2008

Ah, Childhood Memories

Jayne got me thinking of some of my not-so-fond childhood memories, and this old camping tale first sprang to mind.

Camping has always been a part of our family tradition. Of course it is the "poor man's vacation", but a holiday nonetheless. It's been compared to being homeless. We've never been wealthy enough to go RVing or even trailer camping, so it's always been the tent for us.

Camping isn't camping unless it rains. Quite often it rains. And in order to enjoy camping a little more during the rain is to cover the campsite with a tarp, usually just your typical blue plastic 15'x20' covering.

This particular time I was about 4 or 5, and my parents decided to bring along some friends. I don't remember where we were, either somewhere in upstate New York in the Adirondacks close to my childhood home, or possibly on the coast of Maine or even Virginia Beach. Hanging out at the campsite after a long day of rain and my dad and friends were drinking some beers, one of them has the great idea to start messing with me. "Hey kid, go over to the edge of the tarp, I got a surprise for you," one of my dad's buddies says to me. Unknowing of what was to come I do it, because like a good kid, I did what I was told obeyingly. Guy pushes up on the tarp where water has collected and...


I am totally soaked head to toe. Like someone poured a bucket of water over my head, but from several feet away. I was shocked and a little sad, but I laughed anyway.

So a little while later, guy says again, "Hey kid, why don't you go over there again by the edge of the tarp? Don't worry, I'm not gonna get you wet again."


I get wet again. I was gullible and trusting. I'm not really sure how the story ends, I may very well have gone back and got tricked again. I may have even liked it, I don't really remember. I'm too traumatized.

10 January 2008

Sierra Updatia

My girl the movie star, complete with cell phone and disheveled hair...

She is saying at least one new word a day lately, here are some of the latest:

-bath (this weekend she went into the bathroom, pointed at the bath and said it, she's catching on quite fast lately)

-no way

-go away (which sounds a lot like no way)

-wind (appropriate after yesterday's windstorm, I was quite impressed by this)

A propos of nothing, does anyone like Amy Winehouse's new hairdo? Shock - horror!

(photo c/o yahoo.co.uk / hellomagazine.com)

09 January 2008

Bad News, Good News

I got a call from my landlord on Sunday. Essentially it was to notify us that they received the village's tax appraisal that was done earlier last year. (Ironically enough, I wasn't at home for the tax appraisal appointment, I imagine the appraiser took an average of the neighboring properties.) While some properties tripled in their taxes, our property wasn't quite that bad off. Therefore with the tax increase, she found it necessary to raise our rent $20 more a month starting in April. Our last rent increase was just a year and a half ago, however we still have a fairly economical rent given the scale of economy for our area.

I took this opportunity to point out that our range is failing - we could only use 2 out of 4 burners (one was structurally broken while the other caught flame and the knob didn't correspond with the burner heat - my wife was afraid to use the stove, especially with small child in the house, she wouldn't use it until we got a new one). And without question or inspection (or a whole lot of persuasion or negotiation on my part), landlord called Mrs. Redbeard yesterday and said your new oven will arrive tomorrow! Now the sting of higher rent isn't so stingey. Not too shabby considering last year we were lavished with a new water heater and refrigerator (both of them needed it - next year, maybe we should go for new kitchen flooring or cabinets).

And isn't it lovely! It even has a timer, self-clean, drip pans, under-oven storage, oven light and window, somethings the ancient one didn't have! Maybe now I can have a nice hot cooked meal waiting for me when I come home. Then again, she isn't quite the house chef.

07 January 2008

The Realization

It was inevitable. It is shocking. It is a fact of life. I knew I would see the day, but I didn't think it would be this soon. It's been only a year and a half since my thirtieth birthday.

And there it was, looking me down in the eye. It laughed at me, scoffed at my very existence. Then as it appeared, some of its friends popped up, also mocking me.

Age has won over youth. I am now the not so proud owner of some very silvery grey hairs.

Other than that, I'm having a fairly good hair day.

06 January 2008

Apologies - Have I Been a Fool? Just Say...*

I'm sorry, I never meant this blog to be a political one, but in this election year, politics will crop up from time to time.

I'm sorry if I alienated conservative readers here. I try to stay independent, although I do lean right or left depending on what I think this country needs right now. For a while, I was staunchly conservative (mostly because I think I was brainwashed by former friend Jeff from PA), mostly in the libertarian vein, but now, I think America is in a shambles that I think we should give the left a try, since the right isn't working so well right now.

I'm sorry if I alienated my fellow Americans. Truly I am not anti-American, ready to move to Canada at a moment's notice. I love all my American brothers and sisters. Well, at least most of them, let's not get too crazy.

I apologize to the foreigners who may read this. America is not as bad a place as it seems. At least not in Vermont. I will try to restrain my attempts to be Canadian-like or British-like and just be myself.

As a peace offering, have a picture of Miss Whiny McCrankypants in the snow.

* Thank you Jack Penate for this lyric.

02 January 2008

As Promised Although Delayed, The Best and Worst Movies of 2007

First off, the worst of 2007, in my esteemed but humbled opinion:

6. Because I Said So: Add one part Mandy Moore to one part Diane Keaton to one part Rom Com (Romance Comedy to you and me Yanks). An utter disaster, and if I have to hear the highly excitable Diane Keaton screech, cackle, and squeal in surprise or delight, it will be a day too soon. She should come with her own warning, a sign around her neck, if you will.

5. License to Wed:* Rom coms seem to be a running theme here. Anyhoo, Robin Williams just isn't funny anymore. Hasn't been in about 10 years, probably more. He really should be enjoying his retirement these days with Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal.

4. In the Land of Women: Breakout film performance by The O.C.'s Adam Brody falls flat. It doesn't help that Meg Ryan plays the mom, but seriously, someone had a mother-daughter fantasy here. Nothing makes sense in this movie and should really have been left on the cutting room floor.

3. Norbit: Eddie Murphy plays 12 characters in this one (where have we seen that before??) that plays to a kids' audience. Or an idiotic one. Not even the lovely Thandie Newton can rescue this miserable car wreck.

2. Evan Almighty: Preachy Conservatives loved this one. Too bad nobody else did. With a budget that ballooned to $200 million and changing studios, this movie lost almost as much money as Enron. It's a damn good thing Jim Carrey didn't attach his name to this sinking ship.

1. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry: Conversely, the worst movie of the year belongs to this machismo mockery of gay marriage. Now I'm all for un-PC, but this takes bad gay jokes to new depths. Kevin James and Adam Sandler, whom I normally revere as good comedians, should be ashamed of this preposterous rubbish.

And now *drum roll* the Best of 2007 in Film:

6. Sweeney Todd: Which I just saw last night. As my favorite musical ever, it has a lot of expectation to live up to. Having seen the original with George Hearn and Angela Lansbury in High School and been in love with it ever since, Tim Burton does a decent job in rendering the modern classic. Of course Tim "Burtonized" it, making it exceedingly dark, complete with cheesy CGI intro, typecast his real-life corpse bride Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lovett and buddy Johnny Depp as the title character. Exceptional performances actually came from supporting characters Antony, Johanna, Toby, and Sacha Baron Cohen as Mr. Pirelli. As it was always been, Sweeney Todd is all about the music, however key parts were left out (such as the ending and overture in the beginning, Lucy was not as prominent). I was also curious to see how Depp would feign the accent - he did ok with his RP, but I'm glad he didn't pull a Dick Van Dyke trying on the Cockney. Carter walked through her performance but didn't thrill me as much as she had ought to.

5. Amazing Grace: Fantastic historic themes are exemplified here of Hanoverian times, especially that of revolution. Parallels to themes that are relevant today in the age of debt slavery, modern racism, and health care slavery. (See below.)

4. Knocked Up: A study in modern American (Southern Californian) youth and pop culture. Laugh out loud funny throughout, inevitably with heart and a human touch.

3. Superbad: Coming of age hilarity ensues. Feels like you're just kicking back with your friends, no pretention here with mostly unknown actors aside from Seth Rogan.

2. Sicko: Michael Moore does it again, bucking the system in a another controversial documentary. This one is not so much sticking it to conservatives, but a real eye-opener to the problems with health care in America and why it would benefit Americans to have universal health care like in European nations and why it needs to be revolutionized along with our corrupt government and corporations. A very important film, please tell 10 people to see this movie, then have them tell 10 people. And please, support John Edwards, he's the best candidate in order for this to happen. *off soapbox*

1. Hot Fuzz: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost kill in this follow-up to Shaun of the Dead. You really need to see it for yourself, words cannot describe how I ended up on the floor laughing to this movie. Above: picture of my interweb buddy Kawaii and Simon & Nick.

Happy 2008!

*I have not actually seen this film, but my wife has. All she could say was awful, awful, awful. The only movie in recent memory she's ordered on demand that was paid for but didn't watch all the way through.

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