06 January 2008

Apologies - Have I Been a Fool? Just Say...*

I'm sorry, I never meant this blog to be a political one, but in this election year, politics will crop up from time to time.

I'm sorry if I alienated conservative readers here. I try to stay independent, although I do lean right or left depending on what I think this country needs right now. For a while, I was staunchly conservative (mostly because I think I was brainwashed by former friend Jeff from PA), mostly in the libertarian vein, but now, I think America is in a shambles that I think we should give the left a try, since the right isn't working so well right now.

I'm sorry if I alienated my fellow Americans. Truly I am not anti-American, ready to move to Canada at a moment's notice. I love all my American brothers and sisters. Well, at least most of them, let's not get too crazy.

I apologize to the foreigners who may read this. America is not as bad a place as it seems. At least not in Vermont. I will try to restrain my attempts to be Canadian-like or British-like and just be myself.

As a peace offering, have a picture of Miss Whiny McCrankypants in the snow.

* Thank you Jack Penate for this lyric.


Sparkle Plenty said...

1) Good gravy! Why are you apologizing? Of course, I'm not a conservative reader but what did ya say that's so bad?
2) The Brattleboro thing is funny. Don't they have that you-can-roam-around-nakey thing going, too? Impractical in the winter, but that's a festive spirit for a town! Rock on, Brattleboro!
3) Miss Whiny McCrankypants is adorable.
4) You don't have a fake British Madonna accent going, do you? If not, g'wan and be an anglocandiaphile with impunity.
5) Hey, isn't it almost time for spring training?

Ted D said...

Hey man,

I'm with sp; what do you have to apologize for? It's your blog so write what you feel.

Also, Sierra is very adorable sitting in the snow. Mean Dad won't help her up!

The English/Canadian thing is pretty funny though. Just don't start ending conversations with Tally Ho and you'll be alright.

Jayne said...

Have I missed something?

I agree with Sparkley.

Cute snow pic too.

I just saw David Tennant being interviewed. I'll say anything nice now.

CresceNet said...

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Redbeard76 said...

I was afraid that I was offending or alienating readers by some of my views. I wasn't getting as many comments lately so I thought I might have said something stupid. Thanks for your words of encouragement all. Oh God no I don't want to be like Madonna.

My wife took the picture while I was at work. She didn't mind the snow, but wasn't real excited about it either.

cake said...

Ya got nothing to apologize for...if anything, I should apologize for all my American jokes. I just can't resist sometimes...but, really, I love all my American brothers and sisters.

Anyways, I don't think you've alienated anyone...I can say for certain that it's almost impossible to offend any of the 'chupacabra crew' at any rate. Ha!

Oh and Whiny McCrankypants really IS adorable!

Redbeard76 said...

Like the Fox Soccer Channel advert says, "It's hard being a Yank." (who's a soccer fan - as a American at a bar follows a game on his laptop, cheers after a goal, other dudes walk out)

Lois Lane said...

Aw gawd, yeah. Don't worry about it. I think we've all been hibernating a bit and recovering from the holidays, which could explain why things have been a bit quiet.

And in case you haven't figured it out, for the most part, we're not really a conservative crew around here.

Just don't go badmouthing David Tennant and we'll all get along just fine. :-)

Jayne said...

*Jayne perks up*

Did someone mention David Tennant?

*Runs to the front door to check if David has been trying to get in. Again.*

Redbeard76 said...

David (Tennant) McDonald is THE man. Women (like you) want him, and men (I, for one) want to be him. I tell you again, he's got charm and he's got it in bags.

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