30 January 2008

So Long, John Edwards

*Photo care of abcnews.com*

John, you would have made a fantastic president. You had the guts to run for office while your wife was suffering from cancer and grieving for your lost son. You had the guts to stand up to lobbyists on your campaign platform. You had the guts to propose health care reform by threatening to revoke the health care of senators and congressman if reform was not passed.

My last request of you John is that you do NOT endorse Hillary Clinton, and that you DO endorse Barack Obama as Democratic Presidential Candidate.


Ted D said...

Stephen, did you ever read Elizabeth Edwards' book? That is one tough woman. I think finishing so far back in SC was the final straw; if you can't take your home state, it's a huge uhill climb.

Tex said...

he does have great hair. :)

just kidding around. Ted whats a uhill? is that like a u-turn?

i hope he backs Obama as well

Anonymous said...

John Edwards was -- for me -- just the latest in a series of pro-labor reform minded candidates who have broken my heart.

Howard Dean
Tom Harkin.


You can add to his other qualifications -- anti tort reform, genuinely sound health and economic strategies -- the fact that he began and ended his campaign in devastated New Orleans, a city very dear to me.

My November voting strategy now is "anybody who doesn't claim to want the mantle of Ronald Reagan." But boy, was I looking forward to an Edwards/Richardson ticket.

Sigh, again.

-- Lamont "Political Vegetable" Cranston

asian cowgirl said...

He's just too dapper. I don't know if anyone can take him seriously...I mean, where DOES he get his hair tonic.

Ted D said...

uPhill climb, Tex.

Give me a break; it was 19:09 according to Stephens clock. I'm usually in bed by 12.

Redbeard76 said...

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it before, he's the Breck girl for hair. During one of the early CNN/Youtube debates, CNN played a tongue-in-cheek video (maybe an ad?) of Edwards set to the theme tune of Hair.

Of course less-educated and superficial Americans are going to have a hard time taking him seriously because of his appearance and not listening to the platform and the issues.

The one with the most money wins, right? At least Obama has no problem raising cash, $32 million in one month is pretty damn good.

No worries Ted, I knew what you meant, even if 7:00pm is late for you.

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