26 January 2008

The Addition

When I was 3 or 4, my father built an addition onto our previously small home. This addition was comprised of a long narrow hallway leading to a door to the garage at the end, a large master bedroom on one side of the hallway, and a small office and the new larger bathroom on the other side.

Little did he know that this hallway would make a perfect bowling alley when I became 8 or 9.

Somehow I obtained a non-threatening foam Nerf-type ball sphere. I took 10 empty soda cans, wrapped them in construction paper and tape, numbered them one through ten (apparently it mattered which order I set them up in, I must have been anal retentive as a kid), and I threw strikes. After each throw, I would manually clear all the knocked down cans/pins, take score, then throw again as necessary. I would set up each pin about 3 inches apart (I wouldn't take a ruler to them, I wasn't that anal) so it wouldn't be that easy to throw a strike, I had to maintain some degree of difficulty. This was a quality operation, and it kept me busy and entertained on many a rainy day. The only trouble I got from it were the cats, they would chase the ball and scatter my meticulously positioned pins, frustratingly enough, however I did have a laugh. I hope one day to have a house with similar structure so I can bowl cheaply with my Sierra.

Have a picture of Sierra and her cousin when they came from New York to visit a couple of weeks ago. Her onesie says it all.


Anonymous said...

The onesie has it right! And my D has just started bowling in the hallway this week (with her new SpongeBob ball :)

Ted D said...


Isn't it funny how you make stuff up as kids? We used to ball a sock up in another one, turn off the lights and have a sock fight.

It was cheap, fun, and a good way to beat the crap out of your brother.

That Sierra is precious, man. TREASURE her at this age. Before you know it, she's 9 going on 25.

Tex said...

I think Ted needs to buy Rakes one of those shirts... :)

I love your creative way of thinking

Ted D said...

I'll buy one, as long as it isn't pink.

Redbeard76 said...

Thanks Tex! Ted definitely needs something like that for Rakes, although I don't know what he thinks about pink.

Welcome CC, I'm assuming D is your kid?

Tex said...

hey I just thought of something...perhaps Stephen can show Rakes how to play AlleyBall ;)

marsha said...

The little ones are total cuteness. I used to bowl in our hallway when I was a kid. It was fun.

Redbeard76 said...

Hey there marsha, welcome aboard this crazy pirate ship. Yes, it features a bowling alley, just down from the galley and the captain's quarters. May I ask how you found me?

Jayne said...

I want a bowling alley hallway NOW.

Bowloing s so much fun.

Such a cute pic too.

Hope your weekend was good!!

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