24 January 2008

The Early Bird

I used to be able to park right in front of the building in which I work. Every day. Even if I was late sometimes.

This morning, I left the house a few minutes early because the old lady was getting on my last nerve, and I wasn't carpooling today with KC (that's another story that I'm none too pleased about, but boo-hoo). I stopped at the store as usual to pick up a breakfast sandwich and a Monster Java coffee drink.

Nowadays, all the good parking spaces have been taken by the neophytes and temps that get in at 8am with the new program we're running, providing the locals with underpaying underbenefitted jobs while making our customer have longer hold wait times on the phones. Quite ineffective really, and taking up precious good parking spaces too by these undeserving n00bs.

But what a difference 15 minutes makes, I got a shiny, lovely parking space, not more than 20 feet from the door, and I didn't have to park in the visitor's or VP's spot to do it. And that helps when it's only 11 F / -10 C and snowing outside.

Simple pleasures, really.


asian cowgirl said...

Yeah; I discovered a better way to work this morning and saved myself nine minutes...and I got to drive along the river. I mean, it doesn't bring me any closer to obtaining one of many wonderful ducks but it got the job done this morning.

Glad to know that my appreciation for clean laundry is shared as well. It is the simple things. To quote Liz Phair, "seems like the small things are the only things I affect" And that's okay

Redbeard76 said...

Hiya Asian Cowgirl! That's nine more minutes that can be spent doing more laundry. Me? I think I'd sleep in 9 minutes later. :o)

Lois Lane said...


cake said...

Quack quack!

cake said...

I left 9 minutes late this morning because there was a flock of cold ducks blocking my front door.


(Yeah, ok, that's a lie.)

Redbeard76 said...

Oh, and Kudos to asian cowgirl for the Liz Phair reference!

Cakey: Instead of ducks, they were Canada Geese. HONK!

meredic said...

Dear me!
I wish it would be winter here for a change.
Thanks for your kind compliment.

Redbeard76 said...

Our New England winters are positively Russian-like.

Although I hear today Glasgow got snow. Any snow on Mt. Snowdon?

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Redbeard,

Now, you didn't remove the handicapped sign from that cherry space, did you? No? Just checkin'!


Redbeard76 said...

Shoot! Busted...

Although HR tells me they are designating carpoolers spots, I've seen the signs in her office, they have not yet been installed in the ground.

However, that wouldn't have helped today since I drove solo today. Tomorrow on the other hand, my car stays at home, KC drives. Yay!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Dear Redbeard,

The solution is clear--park in HR's office.


asian cowgirl said...

Redbeard: thanks kid. Glad you liked the reference. Ironic about the laundry comment. I am doing laundry right now. And maybe even more strange...I am putting the REDs through the wash. I always get so psyched when I get enough to make a colored wash! Wow. yeesh. Out of context I might be ruled a horrible bigot...being from texas and all...it takes all kinds and you best believe I have gotten bad raps.

Ted D said...


If you don't stop referring to the wife as the old lady, parking spots at work are gonna be the LEAST of your worries.

Trust me; coming from a guy who could write a book on what stupid stuff you should NOT say to the wife, you are walking the tightrope, my man.

Tex said...

duck duck goose

be like me...be the boss and you'll always have a spot :)

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