17 January 2008

My Favourite Canadians, eh. (Part Deux)

Again, in no particular order:

- Feist
- Eric Gagne (not really)
- Celine Dion (really not really)
- Jennifer the Humpy Grinch (Really really not really)
- the Canadian Brass (seen 'em live!), sneakers and all.
- John Kricfalusi
- Todd McFarlane
- Joseph Armand Bombardier (invented the snowmobile - Bombardier has offices in Vermont)
- the Mackenzie Brothers

What say you?


Lois Lane said...

All the Kids in the Hall and the SCTV guys and gals.

Michael J. Fox

Redbeard76 said...

Shit, yeah! You really called me out on that one, I grew up on those guys. Well not ON them (I'm looking at you, Scott Thompson)... but... I'M CRUSHING YOUR HEAD!!!

Lois Lane said...

No! I'm CRUSHING YOUR HEAD! Your head is flat! Ha!

cake said...

::blocks head crushing with thumb::

I'm going to SQUISH YOUR FACE! ::face squish, face squish::

Redbeard76 said...

::Puts up thumb::

You can't crush my head because NOBODY'S THERE. THERE'S NOBODY THERE.

barb michelen said...

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Redbeard76 said...


I've been spammed! Again! Now if the Kids in the Hall had a sketch about that.


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