22 January 2008

Anatomy of a Commute: a Pictorial

Ah, leaving the condo. Freedom, sweet freedom. Ooh, the sun is coming up, it looks like it's going to be a nice day. But brrrr... it's cold!

Ah sh*t, gotta scrape.

Great, traffic. Stopped at the five corners light in the centre of town.

Ah, Mickey Dees. But I can't stop today, I'm running a bit late.

Picking up my carpool mate, KC.

On the highway now, going through the suburbs. Traffic's not as bad as it can be sometimes.

Opening back up to countryside.

Off the highway, and a stop at our regular convenience store. Also doubles as a liquor store and in the summer a creemee* stand. So you can put Grand Marnier on your ice cream cone.

Passing The Alchemist, they brew some excellent brews. And if you have too much to drink, you can go upstairs to the tattoo parlor above. Normally driving through this town you can smell Green Mountain Coffee all through the town, but not today.

Going uphill to 1100', a hairy drive when the roads are snow covered.

Back in the Mad River Valley, I just missed a great view of Sugarbush Mountain Ski Resort.

Made it just in time, with 4 minutes to spare.

Beautiful view out my window, with a nice touch of hoar frost on the trees.


* Creemees - Vermonter for soft serve ice cream cones.


Ted D said...

Stephen, I'll bet that is one beautiful drive in the fall.

Not sure how safe it is to be driving and taking pictures at the same time, but nice job on the photos.

Jayne said...

I take pictures and drive all the time... umm I mean.. I do it when I'm stuck in traffic.

Cool pics - literally.

Still no snow here as yet. Still waiting...

Redbeard76 said...

Hope you've not floated away there Jayne, I heard about the river in Leeds, terrible flooding.

It's pretty nice in the fall, I'll have to take some more pics next fall, this past fall i was without digital camera until after the leaves were all fallen.

Safety, schmafety. That's what rumble strips and insurance are for.

Lois Lane said...

Mad River! Hey, my brother-in-law skis at Mad River!

Are you a skier? I've tried it, but it just isn't for me.

Redbeard76 said...

My skiing/riding experience is limited to cross-country/nordic a couple of times and a cheap $50 toy snowboard (not a professional) down a backyard hill. One day I hope to get in shape enough for snowboard lessons.

cake said...

Great pictures...I've thought about taking pictures on my walk home but it's a 30 min walk, half through downtown and half through a neighbourhood. Wouldn't be nearly as interesting to look at as yours through the countryside and all.

(I'm supposedly trying snowboarding or downhill skiing on Saturday...Saturday evening's blog will be difficult to type, since I expect to have both arms in casts by then. Ha!)

Sparkle Plenty said...

Cool commutalog, Rbeard! :-)

I work at home so my commutalog would look more like a procrastinalog...feet stomping along to fill the bird feeder, back to computer, to walk Lily, back to computer, to get some critically important blue corn chips and hummus, back to computer, to check and make sure the birds still have enough food, etc. etc.

Sparkle Plenty said...

P.S. Why is Mad River so damnably surly? Has it considered taking anger management classes?

Redbeard76 said...

Hee! The Mad River (Angry or Insane) is for a few reasons:

1.) It flows north. Very odd.

2.) It wiggles back and forth uncontrollably (3 bridges for the same road going through Moretown, VT).

3.) It floods quite often, and when it doesn't flood, it's barely knee deep in most spots.

4.) There is allegedly a nude beach behind a convenience store fence where the hippies and gays go. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sparkle Plenty said...

1) This quirky northiness means the river is not just mad but mad as a mad hatter.
2) I think it might need medication.
3) Hmm. Incontinent as well as mad. Verily, a troubled river.
4) Depending upon aesthetic appeal and body type, skinny-dipping might turn Mad River into Horrified and Wish-I-Was-Blind River.

Jayne said...

Redbeard: Luckily I don't live in Leeds, I live in the south. My ex hubby lives near Leeds though.... (hee hee).

(I didn't laugh really and he is fine).

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