16 January 2008

My Favourite Canadians, eh.

In no particular order:

-Steve Nash
-Pamela Anderson
-Michael Myers
-Don Cherry
-The other guy from Hockey Night in Canada
-Jim Carrey
-the Barenaked Ladies
-Wayne Gretzky
- the Loony
- Red Green
- Nelly Furtado
- Brian Mulroney
- Rick Mercer
- Sarah McLachlan
- the Toony
- Canadian Whiskey
- The RCMP (Mounties to you south of the border)
- Sasketchewan RoughRiders
- Tim Horton
- the guy walking behind me in Toronto when I dropped my sunglasses and said "Watch out for that guy, he's a klutz."
- Chantal Kreviazuk (sp?)
- my brother-in-law's wife

Any others I'm missing?


Ted D said...

You are starting to worry me now.

Just kidding, man. But how can you leave Bret "The Hitman" Hart off the list? And isn't Pam Anderson from Canada?

cake said...

I made the list, I made the list!!!

Free maple syrup for AAAAAALL!

Ted D said...

And I just realized Pam Anderson is on the list.

At number 2.

Sorry Stephen, but my name is Ted. And I'm a moron.

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