24 October 2007

Why You'd Want to Live Here

Riverside and Newport Beach, CA, respectively, taken by co-workers out in the sales field. It seems a nice enough place to visit, but not to live says this East Coaster. I'll take snow and cold anyday over earthquakes, mudslides, smog, and currently, wildfires.
Let's go Red Sox! Game 1 tonight - wearing my new unnumbered authentic Red Sox uni that I just received as a gift from my employer! Yay! What a way to celebrate today!

22 October 2007

So Eric Wedge, are the Red Sox a Great Team, or the Greatest Team?

I've got a cool, easy feeling. See you on Wednesday, 8pm, Beckett Standard Time.

Hello, Colorado Rockies!

(photo care of AP - Stephan Savoia)

21 October 2007

Game 7 - Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting

Nothing gives me more chills than mentioning Game 7. Down 3-1, it almost seemed impossible, but we've been down this road before.

Believe. Keep the faith. Heroes abound everywhere. Schilling. JD Drew. Even Eric Gagné closed the game with a perfect inning, in his more familiar role.

20 October 2007

This is how we do

What? 3 posts, three days in a row? This must be some kind of miracle, sign from the heavens, or desperate times calling for desperate measures. Not that I have a whole lot of free time between work and family, but given the occasion I will blog. Not that anyone is reading but at least for my own satisfaction, and hopefully readers will come.

So this goes out to my boy Blue. You know who you are, and if you are reading this Blue or if you know Blue, you are welcome back to the fold anytime. Do what you must, and happy and safe journeys on your way if we are not to cross paths again. But we will be waiting for the prodigal son to return.

Go Sox tonight! I'll be finishing my Manny being Merlot tonight, and possibly be picking up another bottle, maybe Caberknuckle, for Game 7 tomorrow.

19 October 2007

One More Saturday Night

Beckett would not fail us. Really a toss up for player of the game, Beckett or Youkilis. But I tried every kind of mojo possible. Manny being Merlot mojo. Lucky Hat mojo. Falling asleep before the end of the game mojo (I had some crazy dreams about the outcome, I fell asleep in the 5th with a 2-1 lead).
Manny being Merlot isn't all that bad. It's quite acidic and a little hard to take at first, but it finishes clean with no aftertaste and after half a bottle, it got me buzzing. I corked it and saved the other half for Saturday night's game.

18 October 2007

Last Chance Baseball - no baseball for the next 165 days

I've been quiet for awhile, yes, but I've been enjoying the playoffs thus far, even if our beloved Red Sox are down 3-1. Down, but not out. I'm remaining fairly positive, but I will be cracking open the Manny being Merlot tonight, in case this is the end of the road this year. Beckett will save us, or any number of dark horses on this club.

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