24 October 2007

Why You'd Want to Live Here

Riverside and Newport Beach, CA, respectively, taken by co-workers out in the sales field. It seems a nice enough place to visit, but not to live says this East Coaster. I'll take snow and cold anyday over earthquakes, mudslides, smog, and currently, wildfires.
Let's go Red Sox! Game 1 tonight - wearing my new unnumbered authentic Red Sox uni that I just received as a gift from my employer! Yay! What a way to celebrate today!

1 comment:

Ted D said...

Stephen, just saw your post on my blog about Halloween.

While it's great they are all mobile, TREASURE the stroller days my man.

'Cause when they get loose, all bets are off!

Since we share the common bond of Dad's with daughters named Ciera/Sierra, let me give you this bit of advice: STOP NOW before you have a boy!!! :)

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