03 November 2007

World Series Champs

I know it's 6 days late in coming. The champagne had all been drunk. The celebrating has quieted to a hush. The confetti has been cleaned from the paraded streets of Boston. The appearances on chat shows have all been made. And what more can be said about this year's illustrious championship run from our pirate band of personality? What a year it was, and now we await the presentation of this year's awards.

I am not a huge American football person, even less basketball or ice hockey or soccer/football. Nothing quite stirs the soul as baseball, that thinking man's game, as my beloved Red Sox. And the hot stove appears to be interesting with all the free agent sweepstakes. Less than four months until Spring Training, my friends, until it all starts again. You may resume normalcy now.


Ted D said...

If Beckett doesn't win the Cy Young and Munchkin doesn't win ROY, I'm storming the Red Sox Front Office.

Well, since I'm in NC and you are closer, Stephen is storming the front office!

Finally got around to linking your blog, man. I had no idea you had linked mine up yet: I'm a tad slow at times.

Hope you and the family are well.

Redbeard76 said...

We'll find out next week about the awards, I'm itching to find out how it will all turn out. In our favor, I would think, unless the voters are Sox haters.

Ted D said...


Pedroia is a lock. And if he doesn't win it, I'm going into full bore Oliver Stone mode.

Kawaii said...

I don't know much about baseball but the whole American sport thing fascinates me. I know during the summer here when the football isn't on the news seems a whole lot quieter.

I see from your profile you like Shaun of the Dead, classic movie!! I was fortunate enough to meet Simon Pegg and Nick Frost last year


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