08 November 2007

Writer's Block

Life lately has consisted of: Wake up. Commute. Work. Commute home. Eat dinner. Catch a couple hours of television. Sleep.

Not much more than that. Stick season in November doesn't really get interesting until Thanksgiving time, a couple weeks from now.

No wonder I never made it as a writer, not that I ever really tried. So in the meantime until I get another dose of inspiration, enjoy these Halloween photos of Sierra. Cheers.


Ted D said...

Stephen, that is a beautiful little girl you have. And I see your Sierra is just like my Ciera: she takes after her mother.


I get the writers block thing as well: I have no idea how Red and Denton do this every day at 2 different places.

Kawaii said...

Aw she is gorgeous, and such a cute costume. You must be really rpoud of her.

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