13 November 2007

Changes, Awards, and Spurs

I've been doing some changes to the blog as you can see - new layout, new titles. I hope you, the reader, like the improvements.

Congratulations to Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox 2nd Baseman, for winning Rookie of the Year for the American League yesterday. Today the AL Cy Young award comes out for top pitcher, and really no-one deserves it more than Josh Beckett, the league's only 20 game winner, and probably most improved pitcher from last year. Next Monday 19/11/07 the AL MVP is announced, which with any luck should be another Red Sox.

Also I should mention congrats to Tottenham on their win over Wigan on Saturday. Clearly they don't belong in the bottom 3 and Wigan was an easy victory. Hopefully it's the kind of rebound win they can use to propel them back to the middle seven and finish somewhere in the middle of the pack and avoid relegation. I chose Spurs at the beginning of the Premiership season as my team to follow because it wasn't one of the big 4, their proximity to Cambs, Bucks & Lincs and my ancestry, but they placed within spitting distance of the big 4 so I had hopes that they would be able to make for some great upset games, although the season under Jol seems to have been lost, and now with one win and one draw under Ramos they are beginning to make strides.

I have also followed Everton and West Ham this season as secondary favorite clubs, and they have been doing better than Spurs, but I won't give up on my Spurs and Robbie Keane. I also considered following Fulham, just being over the bridge from Putney, where some of my ancestors lived for a time, but Fulham is a downright awful club. To dare is to do!


Ted D said...

Stephen, like the new look. And agree 100% on Beckett, though I can't argue much over Sabbathia except for the wins.

As for the soccer? Sorry, man. I am totally lost. Though my boy played this year, so if he stay's interested, I may ask for some pointers on what exactly I'm watching.

Redbeard76 said...

I've just begun to watch the soccer/football myself, aside from the World Cup last year. I'm a beginner at it too but I find it easier to watch than American football because the action is continuous and I hate all the commercial breaks, and the games are only 2 hours instead of 3+.

The clubs play only once or twice a week (although currently there is a layoff until the end of November), and hooliganism isn't as rampant as is was some time ago (although the Italian Serie A headlines lately are contrary to that).

I'm still learning the game and the different styles of play (Arsenal are an exciting team to watch but they are like the Yankees of the EPL, outspending every other club, and Spurs closest rival and we lost a heartbreaker to Arsenal earlier this year in the North London Derby).

Kawaii said...

You're sadly misled there with Spurs, there is only one good team in the UK, Manchester United!!

Redbeard76 said...

Yeah, I know. If you're not a Manc, you're a wank. But like I said, I didn't want to choose one of the big 4 since they seemingly dominate every year, which just simply makes me want to vomit. I would have thought you were a Birmingham City or Aston Villa fan, closer to your hometown. Unless you're originally a Mancunian. It's all good though, a little friendly competetion never hurt anyone!

Kawaii said...

My parents have always been faithful Mac Utd fans, my Mum was brought up there and my Gramps knew the Busby babes (Man Utd history lesson for you there), in fact they used to go to my Nana and Gramps house sometimes so my Mum can remember them when she was vry small. Anyhow, I guess it's in the blood :D

We do go and watch Coventry City play every now and then, not often though because it's expensive so usually when we get free tickets through work lol!

Oh I love the friendly competition hehe, but be warned Man Utd forever ;)

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