09 November 2007

I've never been so happy to see a Friday

Honestly, this has been the longest week ever. And it doesn't help that we're broke either, having paid rent this week and already done our grocery shopping. Mike Lowell still hasn't been signed for the 2008 season. Gasoline/Petrol is at an all time high (I try to remind myself it could be worse - 3.10 per gallon in the US is better than ~8.00 per gallon (£1 per litre) in the UK) . The laundry list goes on and on. Trying to see some positivity despite all this is difficult, but finally! The weekend! Now that's something. I can catch up on my DVR recordings, play with my daughter, search the internet for downloadable music.

Also, we're going to my wife's Lebanese aunts for Sunday dinner, featuring Kibbe (pronounced kub-buh as they did in the Bekaa Valley), which is spiced ground meat eaten raw with olive oil and Toom, a spicy garlic dip. Mmmm... yummy. Of course this took some getting used to for this white boy with Northern European roots, but it didn't take long for me to overcome my fears and leave my palate's comfort zone behind.

If anyone has any genealogical inforation regarding Dalbey/Dalby from Glens Falls, NY and Mechanicsburg, PA, Waddington from New Baltimore, NY, Adach or Lackowicz/Lackowitz from Schenectady, NY and Poland, or Anderson/Andersen from Glens Falls, NY and Sweden, please leave me a comment or email me. So far internet searches have led me nowhere for these ancestors; any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Have a lovely weekend!

And the picture above, also from Halloween, my Lebanese in-laws as Austin Powers and Fat Bastard.


Ted D said...

Stephen, I can't help you on the family tree, but I can tell you I was looking in the sofa for coins to buy my USA Today earlier this week. I'm in sales, and I drive about 1000-1500 miles a week.

I'm thinking about selling a kidney to pay my gas bill.

BUT: The Red Sox are World Champs for the SECOND time in 4 years.

Who needs food?

Keep your head up, man. It'll get better.

Kawaii said...

It seems like everyone is struggling at the moment for money, pay day is three weeks away and I'm already looking at the account and working out that we'll just get by. Yup the price of petrol here in the UK is crazy, one of my collegues goes to the USA regularly and comes back complaining about the cost of things here.

That food sounds tasty. i love spicy food! So, you have roots in the UK?

Redbeard76 said...

Yeah, I blogged about it a couple months ago. You can find out what I said about it by clicking on the England or Genealogy sections. My ancestors as it turns out were Knights of the Bath, in the New Model Army, one of my great-grandmother's cousins was Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector, and one of my great-grandfather's brothers was Thomas Cromwell, responsible for the Reformation and Anglican church under Henry VIII. The Cromwell line goes back into Wales, I've tracked it online as far back as ~1163, around Glamorganshire and Monmouthshire. Very interesting stuff.

Kawaii said...

Ooh I'll check that out when I have more time. That's quite an interesting history you have there!

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