21 November 2007

What I'm thankful for

Happy Thanksgiving America! Everyone else, happy Thursday!

This year I'm thankful for:

The Red Sox winning the World Series, AL East, and tied for the best record in baseball.

My loving wife who does so much, you are appreciated very much.

My sweet daughter who astounds me with new things everyday. Daddy wishes he could be with you more.

My friends at Survivinggrady.com, I can't get through a workday without you. Also all my other friends throughout the world, the world is a better place with you in it.

Mike Lowell re-signing with the Red Sox, and Dustin Pedroia winning the Rookie of the Year award.

Good health - I haven't gained any weight in years and I haven't been sick since last winter.

My extended family who is always there for me and my family.

Don't eat too much turkey, you'll gobble your way into a tryptophan coma! Stay safe you travelers.

photo from: Kansas City Library www.kckpl.lib.ks.us/YS/crafts/


Kawaii said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, it sounds like you've had a good year. All I know about Thanksgiving is you eat turkey and spend time with family, maybe you can enlighten me sometime!

Redbeard76 said...

That's pretty much it, I'm traveling 2 hours to visit family. Turkey will be had, plus we're having a couple of other things, a couple of American football games will be watched along with parades.

There will be about 15-20 of us, my sister's in-laws are coming down also from out of town - my niece's grandparents love spending time with the baby. My niece is about the same age as my daughter (born 17 days apart), it will be fun to see them play together, I hope they will be friends for life.

Ted D said...


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Have a safe weekend, man.

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