17 February 2008

The Bacon Chronicles, Pt. I

Just a leisurely weekend at home. Never mind the untidy kitchen. I suppose one day you'll see my place on "How Clean is Your Home" and the ladies will tell me how filthy and bacteria-ridden our place is, but like I said never mind that. Our home is very "lived-in". At least we have nice sunset views.


Jayne said...

Sierra knows how to play for the camera! She has such a cute giggle.

Great sunset pics too. It has gone cold here now, brrrr. Maybe we will get snow at some point....

Ted D said...


BTW, Rakes just watched this with me. I quote:

"I LUB Bacon, Daddy. Why dat little girl not like it?"

~**Dawn**~ said...

I spy bacon abuse. ::gasp::

Lois Lane said...

That's crackin' toast, Sierra!

My kids won't eat bacon yet either. They just don't know what they're missing.

Our kitchen has that nice "lived in" look too, as does our whole house. Cleaning when you have kids is kinda like moving deck chairs around on the Titanic--no point, but every once in a while you do it anyway..and then 10 minutes later it looks just like it did before.

BTW, did you watch this week's Torchwood? I cracked up when the next night when they started airing the news stories about the massive beef recall. It's all tied together, I tell ya'!

Redbeard76 said...

Of course I saw Torchwood, I never miss it - loved this line from Jayne, er I mean Gwen (Eve):

Gwen: You ever eat alien meat before?
Captain Jack: Yes.
Gwen: How was it?
Captain Jack: I think he enjoyed it.

I gonna get decked.


Sierra's favorite breakfast food is toast by the way.

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