09 March 2008

Everyone hates a tourist, especially when it's all just a laugh

I was going to do a whiny blog today about how Mother Nature is an Ice-hole after stepping in one today and falling on my knees on the ice and the time that it took to scrape the windshields and car windows. But I'm not.

Instead I'm sharing with you my plans and all of the touristy things if I'm ever blessed with enough cash to take a month-long holiday in Great Britain.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

  • Westminster and Whitehall to Trafalgar Square (Big Ben, Parliament, 10 Downing St)
  • Picadilly Circus
  • Oxford Circus
  • British Museum, time permitting

Day 4

  • Abbey Road
  • Notting Hill
  • Putney - search for Cromwell's pub (ok I know it probably doesn't exist any longer 500 years on and all - maybe I'll settle for a nice curry while there)

Day 5

  • Take the tube back to Heathrow, rent a car
  • Drive to Windsor- Windsor Palace
  • Stop in Slough to take photo of office building from The Office

Day 6

  • Up the A413 to Aylesbury
  • Search Hartwell cemetery for grave of Sir Richard Ingoldsby
  • Back on the A413 to Buckingham
  • Seek out if Lethenborough Manor (Lenborough Manor) still stands
  • contact Jayne and pop into a pub for a pint

Day 7

  • A421 to A428 to Cambridge
  • Cambridgey stuff (walking around the campus, punting on the Cam, Oliver Cromwell artifacts)

Well, that's it for the first week, tune in again and I'll cover the next seven days sometime soon.


Ted D said...


I really hope you make it to England some day. As much as you love it, it'd be a shame if you never get there.

Jayne said...

Ooh a pint! Yay!

Everyone should come to England and we'd all have a knees up.

Tex said...

if you start planning now, you could make it by the time you retire :)

Redbeard76 said...

Maybe more than a pint if you play your cards right, Jayne. But not everybody, they'd have to close the border down. 8^)

Hopefully sooner than retiring age. It's mostly planned already actually, I've been working on it since last summer, Tex.

Rebecca Taunton said...

That's a packed first week you've got planned! And a pint is always good. I hope you make it across the Atlantic one day.

Redbeard76 said...

Rebecca, it gets more leisurely when out and about in the countryside. Just London and the other cities are a little more packed. Somehow I think I'll enjoy the countryside a little more, as much as I enjoy city life.

Lois Lane said...

Aw, I wanna go back to London now! (Don't forget to stop at the half-price ticket booth in Leicester Square at least once and get tix for a show in the West End.)

Is Cardiff on your agenda? I'd love to go there and see all the Who/Torchwood sights. My babysitter went over there for a visit at Christmas (her beau lives there) and she said it was lovely. She had no clue what I was talking about when I started babbling about Captain Jack and the rift though. LOL.

Redbeard76 said...

Absolutely Lois (thanks for the Leicester Square tip, I don't know if I'll get to any West End shows, but I forgot to add I need to see a Premier League or Champions League game somewhere along the way).

Cardiff (or Caerdydd, I'm brushing up on my Welsh - I wonder if they make a Rosetta Stone for Welsh)will be on the way down along the western side after heading to Scotland. South Wales will definitely be a highlight, being another ancestral home and being such a Torchwood fan.

Sparkle Plenty said...

1) Don't forget to eat--preferably as many kinds of crisps as possible.
2) Go to Boots--just for Lois and me and our bizarre affinity for the establishment!
3) Victoria and Albert!
4) Royal Observatory/National Maritime Museum!

Lois Lane said...


bacon ace said...

"Hey look kids, Big Ben and Parliament".

The A.C. and I are headed to London to visit some friends of her's in a few months. I'll take plenty of pictures.

Redbeard76 said...

Crisps. . . tick.
Boots. . . tick. There must be at least one on the way in my journeys. Are they like Duane Reade in New York, one on every corner?
Victoria and Albert. . . besides the Empress and the Prince, what is this in reference to? I am not amused. ;-)
Greenwich. . . time allowing, I may spend more time in London than just the four days, which is very basic to say the least. Loads to do there, also very £££££.

Tex said...

I'd like to go just to show off MY accent :)

Ted D said...

//"Hey look kids, Big Ben and Parliament".//


One of my favorite scenes from my least favorite "Vacation" movie.


Tom Miles said...

//Try to contact Surviving Grady mate and author of Borrowed Philosophy for a pint at the pub//

Good luck with that. "Miley like a puma!!!" As we say around here.

soup said...

when i went to scotland, i found that the first two days were pretty much a write-off due to the time change issue and travel exhaustion. you might want to build in a couple of "do nothing in particular" days, just in case you need them. wishing you an early bon voyage!

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