12 March 2008

What the ...?

Yay! I finally got my cookies! Now the trick is not to eat them all before noon this morning.

Anywho, today's story. Gather round children, this one's a doozy. This is one of those headscratchers that make you say what the ...? (or as the kids say in text these days OMG WTF.)

So nature calls while I'm at work. Ok stop it, that's not where I'm going with this. I go to the lavatory and... what's this?

A little bit of background is in order. There are two lavatories side by side close to my department. One of them has a shower in it which is handi-accessible, the other has a more comfortable seat. Both of them have windows that open up to the parking lot. They happen to be on the first floor located right next to the FRONT DOOR.

Where was I? Ah yes, so I open the door and... aarrrgghh, the sunlight is blinding me! Someone pulled up the shades in the bathroom! What's that? It's the UPS truck pulling up only 10 feet away and nothing between me and the reliable uniformed driver but a pane of glass. He can look in just as easily as I can look out. I close the blinds and nervously... well, you know.

Now why would anyone open up the blinds while doing their business? Do they have some *equipment* that they're extremely proud of? Is one of my co-workers a shameless exhibitionist just hoping to get caught in the act?

I've come to find out the culprit. He's the same guy who leaves the toilet seat up (apologies ladies, I actually can't stand this as much as you), the same guy who doesn't wash his hands afterwards, the same guy who picks his nose before shaking your hand. And he's a highly ranking exec in the company. Apparently money doesn't necessarily buy you manners.

Now that the baseball regular season is almost here, I want to remind you all:


I Ain't No Oprah said...


~**Dawn**~ said...

1. Ewwww... why are people so disgusting??

2. Can we have an afternoon cookie check? ;-) How may have survived?

3. Hello Mayor's Cup!!

cake said...

"Do they have some *equipment* that they're extremely proud of?"

I'm guessing they have more than four ounces to show off...

Ted D said...

Stephen, maybe the guy can't go without the shades being up.

Rakes can't go without taking off his shirt, so who knows?

David'Z RantZ said...

Redbeard: Are you still reading 1984? Sparkle polished off... oh, somethin' like... 47 books last weekend! For shame!

Rebecca Taunton said...

Yuck...that has to be one of my absolute hates. It's the reason why I very carefully wash all my fruit and veg before eating (you just don't know who's handled it before you picked it up and bought it).

Mm, I could just do with a cookie now ;@)

Redbeard76 said...

IANO: I knew it was you.

Dawn: There are about 6 or 7 cookie casualties. Hooray for the Mayor's Cup indeed.

Cake: Somehow Sublime's 40 oz. to Freedom comes to mind.

Ted: TMI - never thought of it that way.

David: Sadly I have a life. This prevents me from doing the fun things like surfing the net, reading books, watching movies, etc. I try to read a chapter during my lunch break, but I haven't taken many lately because of my lovely job.

Rebecca: I'm almost ready to resort to wearing latex gloves everywhere!

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