20 March 2008

There are addictions to feed and mouths to pay

Yes, cheesy lyrics from the lovely Jewel. But hey, would Huey Lewis' I want a new drug have been better?

That new addiction is Facebook. There the link is down and to the right. If you're already on go ahead and send me a request to friend. If not, why the hell aren't you on there? Everyone's doing it. Nothing like a little peer pressure. I'm just getting started as of 36 hours ago, so 19 friends isn't really all that much yet. Go ahead, you know you want to.


Crystal said...

I love that song. Jewel rocks! :)

Ted D said...

Stephen, this new laptop created a monster!

Don't have the time for Facebook or a MySpace, but here's to you having 100 friends before Monday!

Redbeard76 said...

Ted, I'm just catching up for time lost! I've earned it, believe you me... I'm up to 23 now, 4 more today. I already have more friends than Dawn! hehehe

Right now I'm reconnecting with a childhood friend from the Fresh Air Fund program. I don't know if they have this where you are but where I grew up, the organization bussed kids from New York City upstate to our small town where they could spend 2 or 4 weeks with a family. We're catching up on old times. Facebook is invaluable, it takes up less time than blogging. I wish everyone was on Facebook. MySpace is junk, FB is so much more better.

Ted D said...

Stephen, we didn't have that growing up in OK. We had FFA, which stands for Future Farmers of America.

Trust me, I saw more castrations of pigs and cows growing up than I wanted.

Good for you, man. Glad you've reconnected with a buddy from your youth.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Yeah yeah. Only 21 friends on Facebook & I got sucked in by my brother right around the first of the year. I am a loos-ah. =/

Trot's Hat said...

Facebook: Because the internet was invented for things like the status bar.

Notebooks said...

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~**Dawn**~ said...

Happy Easter to you, Redbeard. =)

Tex said...

if i join does it mean i have to play? Cos if i do...I cant have a job and play on all my playgrounds. my in person friends are saying Im ignoring them and spending too much time with my internet friends who they say are just as crazy as I am.

yah SO? :P

Ted D said...

Happy Easter, Stephen.

I'm trusting the Easter Bunny was good to Siera?

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