18 March 2008

Recent Movies I've Seen

This Is England - Fantastic story, great soundtrack featuring 80s ska bands i.e. Madness. Acting was brilliant, realistic, believable. 4 stars.

August Rush - Disappointing. It has some great actors (Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Keri Russell) save Robin Williams who seems like he's reprising his Peter Pan role except with a greedy twist. I realize it's supposed to be all about the music and it seems to be a new breed of movie making much in the vein of Across the Universe and Moulin Rouge, but August Rush is a poor man's version of this type of musical. 1.5 stars.

Dan in Real Life - Lovely American family depiction of a widower and his three daughters on an extended family retreat in New England. A must-see. 4 stars.


Jayne said...

Ooh, oooh.. I watched Dan in real lIfe last week !!!!!!!!!

Not seen the other films though. I thought the Dan thing was quite funny, but my mind always wanders in films and I become fidgety and have to go and do silly stuff on my PC. This week, I plan to watch 2 Days in Paris or Death at a Funeral, but I can't recall who is in either one.

Happy Tuesday !

Redbeard76 said...

I'm trying to find a way to view Run Fatboy Run here as it's not available in the states (don't know when or if it will ever be available here). Is there a way I can view it online from a UK site? Legally or illegally, don't care, I would gladly pay.

Haven't heard of 2 days in Paris but Death at a Funeral sounds intriguing although vaguely similar to 4 weddings and a funeral. Does it have Hugh Grant in it? Nevermind. ;)

Don't waste your time on August Rush unless you're a big Jonathan Rhys Meyers fan. I probably wouldn't have watched it if he or the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kid weren't in it.

This Is England is Fab!! Won a BAFTA too. Might remind you of childhood in the north in the 80s as it's set in Yorkshire I believe.

Another 80s Yorkshire fav of mine is The History Boys- highly recommended in case you haven't seen it yet. If only school was as fun as that, except for the false accusations of buggering.

Ted D said...

::makes note to rent Dan in Real Life::

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