09 September 2007

Family Connections, an open letter

In my search for my ancestry, so far I have made 3 Ingalsbe connections, all of which I have made contact with this weekend. I'm sure there are countless numbers of cousins out there waiting to be found.

Here is a letter to one which I initiated, by a Ingoldsby related search on the internet:

Hi Elyssianfields,

I found this site on the web by researching my own genealogy. Somehow we are distant cousins as it turns out. I've just recently started my own blog at redbeardonredsox.blogspot.com and I invite you to check it out. I've just started it this summer so there's not much there compared to here and your myspace. I've linked my lineage much as the same as yours, John Ingoldsby came over from England in 1640 to the Massachusetts Bay Colony at about the age of 20, married in Boston.

Currently I live in northwest Vermont, but was born and raised in Glens Falls, NY, where for several generations the Ingalsbe family has resided in nearby Washington County, NY. Other Ingalsbes still reside near Fort Edward, NY, whilst others have migrated to Kansas (I remember meeting them at one point as a child, all of which carry the Ingalsbe prominent feature, the oversized nose, possibly carried down from Cromwell lineage). My grandmother on my father's side was Esther Louise Dalbey, nee Ingalsbe.

As I continue my search, I'm sure I will discover plenty of interesting cousins along the way, and eventually hope to make contact with ones that remained in England.

photo: care of cariningalsbe.blogspot.com/Carin Ingalsbe

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