31 July 2008

Great Britain Journey, part 5

The West Country and the South Coast | Part 4 | Part 3 | Part 2 | Part 1

Day 29

- depart Glastonbury
- West on A39
- Exmoor National Park

Day 30

- Tintagel
- Padstow
- Newquay

Day 31

- Penzance
- Land's End

Day 32

- eden project in St. Austell
- Dartmoor National Park

Day 33

- A30 to A35 to A31 along the South Coast
- The New Forest

Day 34

- M27 to Brighton

Day 35

- Seven Sisters
- Hastings
- Sissinghurst Garden

Day 36

- Dover
- Canterbury

Day 37

Pip pip, cheerio and all that sentimental rot. Fare thee well, England. Back to the Colonies with me.

Unless I take the train to Paris from here.


Ishat's Fire said...

Take the B train!

Wow, a long action filled trip!

Redbeard76 said...

If I can't do it all at once, I'll break it up into pieces of course. Also to add in my first few days, because of my fierce dancing skills, North Londoner Bird has challenged me to a karaoke in a Tottenham pub. Pubs will be a given along the way (which is why I didn't detail it out more than how I did), since on a budget I won't spend money on dining rooms every night.

Ishat's Fire said...

Pubs are always good.

Anonymous said...

I hesitate to add anything to your itinerary, but you're going to be exhausted anyway so what are a few more stops :) While you are going along the south, don't forget Winchester Cathedral and College, and/or Portsmouth for the historic ships: Victory, Mary Rose and Warrior. And yes, while you're in the vicinity, why not go to Paris afterwards.

Redbeard76 said...

*slaps self in the head*

Of course! Winchester, as you suggested previously! I'll even buy you a couple rounds if you care to meet me...

With so many seaports, I will have to choose just one most likely, although I'm somewhat deterred by the hulking industrial centres. Is Portsmouth nicer than S-hampton and Plymouth?

Jayne said...

Don't forget to visit my hairdresers !!

Claire said...

You will love Cornwall!Penzance is great. I have not been for years but whenever I have been Cornwall way the weather has been glorious.

Anonymous said...

All of those ports have been ruined by bombing during the war, and rebuilding done with very little soul. Southampton has very little to recommend it, very little at all. Plymouth and Portsmouth are so different, it's hard to say which is nicer. Plymouth hasn't really a great deal to do apart from stroll around the Hoe where Drake played bowls, and the Barbican, but it does have other places around. Portsmouth isn't somewhere you would stroll around (or I wouldn't anyway) unless you go to Southsea, but the Historic Dockyard has the ships close together plus the D-Day and Naval Museums. And there is the Spinnaker Tower now too which I quite fancy visiting. Personally, I'd prefer Portsmouth, but there may well be some local bias there.

Yes I'll meet you in Winchester. Anything for a drink :)

Babs (Beetle) said...

And you don't even call in to South Yorkshire for a cup of tea?

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