18 July 2008

Doodle Week: Evil Doodle

Need I say more??

Yes, Yankee Stadium, aka the Toilet. More evil there than anywhere on earth, so long as the Steinbrenners are running the organisation. I was originally going to do Doctor Evil, but wouldn't you know it Yankee Fan Jeter Harris had already done it. So something needed to be done, since this IS a Red Sox Fan's blog. Notice A-Rod and his purple lips took over SS.


Claire said...

Not sure evil this is, baseball is just fancy rounders to me :)

Redbeard76 said...

Rounders, eh? Do Brits still play that or just historically speaking? I do recall that baseball was loosely founded on similar rules to rounders in Victorian times (that's latter half of 1800s to Yanks - not just the New York variety).

Oh the New York Yankees are very evil. Like Manchester United - they win all the time at a sickening rate, their fans are notoriously obnoxious, and they have an unlimited supply of cash to buy and gobble up any decent player, thwarting the smaller budgeted teams from ever making the tops of their tables usually.

The Sox are hated too by some but they have a loveable character about them, every guy in the clubhouse is a character (in the good sense). They have the second highest payroll but historically since 1920 have always come up short except in the past 4 years we won the championship twice. Sox fans travel well and in some cases outnumber home fans of whomever they are visiting. Sox and Yanks have a long storied bitter rivalry that is well-documented and I encourage you, if you're interested, to read up on it.

Claire said...

Yep we play rounders in school. Its not a competitive thing really, just something to do for PE.

Mags who I am staying with in September in Boston, is the personal caterer for the managers in the box at the red sox stadium.

Good comparison to Man U, I hates them :)

Redbeard76 said...

Oh sweet, try to talk her into getting you a ticket to the game, it's not to be missed! Fenway Park is the best and it's super hard to get a ticket as they're sold out all the time. It's also the smallest park in the league so there's really not a bad seat in the house unless you get stuck behind a pole - obstructed view (see my pic of Ted behind the pole! it's comical!) Also if you haven't yet, my Fenway video is available for viewing HERE. Soundtrack by Kasabian: Empire. (Now we've come full circle!) ;-)

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

i jus saw dis one redbeard!
sorree i took yer dr. evil idear.
i gess u jus hadta go wid a-rod an yankee stadium fer dis one!
speekin uv stadium ... mi mom went to "last play at shea" las nite to see billy joel anna grate line-up ... sumbuddee sed "I wonder if Elton John will be here." mi mom sed "I think he's in Vermont."
iz he?
yer little yankee cat ... jh

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

pee ess ...
an speekin uv grate stadiumz ...
mi mom saw her first baseball game at fenway (becuz she'z frum massachoozettz) an she did get stuck behind a pole once. it wuz notta prettee pikshur! (har!)

Drowsey Monkey said...

Clair's talking British again ... 'fancy rounders'? lol

all sports are evil.

~**Dawn**~ said...

That is priceless!

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