16 July 2008

Doodle Week: Garden Doodle, and Slugs

Doodle Week July

Beware: Gross Factor = 7.5 out of 10

Why did the slug cross the road??

To get to Sparkle Plenty's garden!

Honestly, this was the largest, longest slug I've ever seen, must've been about 3 inches or so - it was crazy huge!

But if you're having slug problems in the garden, Redbeard's advice column is open and ready to dispense with the knowledge. Just please don't compare me to John Tesh. *blech*

Dear Redbeard,

My vegetable garden has been plagued by slugs all summer, this must be some kind of record year. What can I do?

-Sluggish in Saugus, MA

Dear Sluggish,

I hope you have a strong stomach. Or perhaps a weak one, depends on how you look at it. By accident, we made a discovery while on a camping trip. We first got to the campsite and for whatever reason, most likely car motion sickness, The Girl got sick at the edge of the campsite. Much to my chagrin, about an hour later after setting up the tent, I found her vomitous on the wipes she used to clean her mouth off also around the perimeter of the campsite.

What does this have to do with slugs, you ask? Well, when I picked up the sick wipes, there were about 2 or 3 slugs that had raced to the play up to get a tasty morsel.

I got to thinking, if one had some extra play up around, perhaps after a night of infrastructure *drinks* or if a pet randomly heaves on your favourite pillows, one with a vegetable garden infested with slugs could strategically place the play up around the perimeter of the garden to draw out the slugs!


Drowsey Monkey said...

I don't like slugs! I scrolled past that photo faster than you can imagine! LOL

I do like the doodle garden tho :)

Daddy Papersurfer said...

This doodle thing is spreading faster ......... than slugs, that's for sure!

Mark said...

Never find slugs in my garden. My kitchen, on the other hand ...

And the weird thing is tracking their trails back to discover they apparently teleported into the centre of the kitchen and then went for a wander.

Oh, and I once walked out into my kitchen with just socks on (*), didn't flick the light on, trod where I shouldn't have trod, and almost skidded across the quarry tiles to my death.

(*) On my feet that is. I had other clothes on. I'm strange but I'm not that strange.

Ishat's Fire said...


So now I have to find some sick.

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer redbeard,
wutta intrestin concept regardin da slugz ...
heer izza slug ... noo york style ... fer yer vyooin enjoyment:
click heer
ar u gointa see sir elton john ... or jus eet him?
jus wunderin.
yerz--jeter harris

Redbeard76 said...

@drowsey - I don't blame you, I felt compelled to put up the disclaimer at the top! I didn't happen to mention all the slugs under the tent as we were packing it up at the end of the week. Oops! There it is!

@daddy - It sure is! Even my faithful loyal companion The Girl is getting in on the action, she's having a blast!

@mark - Sounds like you got serious kitchen problems, bro. I wouldn't advise placing bits of barf around the kitchen, unless you like that sort of thing. And you could slip and fall on the barf, and no-one wants that. Thanks for *dropping* by!

@ishat - Eww is right, but makes for a crazy post! Do slugs eat dragonflies and other insectia? That might come in handy...

@jetes - Du u allwaiz rite n lolcat? Eye no mi Ingrish nawt sew gud, butt ets liek eye neid uh tranzlater er sumpin'.

Chica said...

Oh man, who knew slugs like vomit?! Perhaps you can add a dash of arsenic and kill 'em all off! LOL

jess said...

we should all thank steve for all of this, now we can not eat now. thank you steve

Redbeard76 said...

The disclaimer was there, you were duly warned. 8^)

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

deer redbeard ...
i spell fonetically.

Ted D said...

Redbeard, no lie Rakes found a slug a good 6 inches long last summer.

I think it had a beard.

Petra said...

I hear slugs taste really good with tequila!!

Claire said...

Ha, the one time my sister decided to camp outside in my garden on her own, she was attacked by slugs and came running into the house screaming, lol.

They have never bothered me, I just put salt on them and watch them bubble or drown them in beer :)

So had the girl been drinking beer when she puked? as the slugs might of been after that?

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