26 July 2008

Pet Therapy and Get Your Wellies On

Click to enlarge, of course.

The flooded Winooski River.

The not-so-famous Vermont Hiking Cows. Look at them get way up this steep hill!

Camel's Hump shrouded in clouds.

Subtitle: Stay clear or he could rip your arm off.

Our illustrious maintenance facility manager is nowhere to be found most of the time. Most likely he's enjoying himself at our Florida facility. Or parked next to the fire station stealing wifi.

When my co-worker wore her wellies to work, I had to take a picture of them for Jayne as I know she is wont to wear her wellies all day, even when it's not rainy. And these are fancy heart wellies.

So the little beast that could rip your arm off made an appearance.

She was not shy at all to ripping my arm off licking me to death.

Outside, the rain came pissiting down.

The Mad River was also running up on its banks and this narrow rock filled area was creating some severe rapids.

To conclude, possibly 2 of the cutest houses in Vermont, directly across from each other in Moretown, VT.

Have a good weekend!


hayes said...

Hey Red, sorry again for the twitter mis-step. Now that I see the blog with the twitter window I can see how it may have come across. In no way meant to offend - funny to see 'the other side' of one's post. I'm not sure I can keep up with all the networking sites, it's crazy! Good blog btw - love the hiking cows!

Ishat's Fire said...

Terror Puppy!

Hiking cows originally came from the Swiss alps and give chocolate milk.

soup said...

ishat: so then, which cows give strawberry milk? or vanilla milk for that matter? (i have a need to know these things.)

redbeard: since it's the middle of the night (and i'm cursing my damned need to nap earlier today) i am adding you first. so "neener." as cake would say.

Ishat's Fire said...

Strawberry milk?

Well that is the little known pink cows native to Louisiana. They eat all the small little sweet strawberries. Thus they turn them into strawberry milk. But the Cajuns don't like this to be known so they keep it secret and all for themselves.

Legends say that it was a Voodoo queen that turned the cows pink to begin with and had them make strawberry milk. Her grand baby was fussy and she had no way to give him strawberry milk.

Unfortunately so many got whipped out from Katrina. This is the unheard of tragedy of Hurricane Katrina. Since they were a secret to begin with. When the rescuers saw pink cows they thought it was from the toxins in the flood waters. But the people of Louisiana knew different. They reassured the outsiders their assumptions were correct hoping some still survived. Right now they are breading them with the Missippi Vanilla milk cows, they are all white, trying not to make the species die out. They didn't want to take a chance on inbreeding them.

Tragic, truly tragic.

soup said...

for some reason, that all makes total sense to me. can i come to you with other questions? ::giggles:: you should start a blog dedicated to answering questions. something tells me you'd be really good at it! thanks ishat!

Redbeard76 said...

Yes, dear Ishat... I don't know if I should be scared or laugh uncontrollably!

Petra said...

You need to burn those boots for that chick. The fact that she wore them ON PURPOSE is a sure sign that she might need psychiatric help.

Ted D said...

Redbeard, great pics today. I've said it before, but you live in some really pretty country.

Rebecca Taunton said...

Some great pics and some - um - interesting boots! That dog looks so fierce... ;@)

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