23 July 2008

The Redbeard and Sierra Show, episode 1

First, read Jayne's post and her comments section. (Apologies to those who previously got a dead link before. The programmer has been sacked. Oh wait, I can't fire myself. --edited 7/24/08)

Second, watch this.


Ted D said...

Sierra busting a move!


petra said...

You have got yourself an adorable little girl - I think I see American Idol in her future! My vote is for Sierra!

Ishat's Fire said...

Oh No!

She's to young for rehab!

My littlest wee ones was watching it with me. They both say "She's so cute."

Then made me put Rehab on for them so they could dance.

Jayne said...

Bravo, BRAVO.

::Jayne stands up to applaud Sierra::

She is the cutest little girl!!

Thank you for pointing out how you say twat. I may adopt it then people don't know I'm being rude.

Could be fun.....

Anonymous said...


Sierra looks gorgeous, as ever. She certainly likes dancing.

While we are on the subject of dancing, your Monday dance video was brilliant. I'm glad that Sierra managed to duck out of the way, when it came to your high kicks.

I have not been able to post any comments on Jess's blog as the comment section is set up differently to yours and I do not have a blog account, so say a big Hi, to Jess for me.

Best wishes, Jayne's Mum. x

Redbeard76 said...

Thanks Jayne's mum, will do. Also I've changed the settings on commenting on Jess's blog on her behalf, she'd be thrilled if you left her a comment, she also published a video of Sierra from just this morning. She's been kind of bummed lately this week that not many people have said hi to her, that would really make her day. xx

cake said...

Oh that's cute...what a little sweetheart!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Oh my gosh Sierra is so funny with all her dancing! She can outdance me by a longshot!

Chica said...

tu-wat is soooo much better then twat!

Sierra is AWESOME!! My kiddos never sing, and can't dance that well. :)

Chica said...

Oh and I heard you trying to sing there, shoulda busted a move yourself too!

Redbeard76 said...

Chica: I did my part on Monday, this one was for Sierra. More than anything, I was just trying to get her to sing "no, no, no", as that seems to be her favorite word of late, making Rehab the perfect song for her. Tu-wat... stretch it out - I like it!

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