19 June 2008

Great Britain Journey, part 4

Now to refresh everyone here's a link to
Great Britain Journey part 1
Great Britain Journey part 2
Great Britain Journey part 3

Day 22

-Depart Manchester
-Take the M56 toward Cheshire into North Wales.
-M56 to A55 through Conwy to Bangor
-Penrhyn Castle
-Snowdonia National Park

Day 23

-head south along the Welsh coast (A470 to A487) out of Gwynedd
-Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
-Pembroke Castle

Day 24

-A477 to A40 to A48 to M4
-All day in Cardiff
-Cardiff Castle

Day 25


Day 26


Day 27


Day 28



Jayne said...

You should all have a day at the seaside. In Dorset.

I love the sea.

:: Jayne dreams about the sea ::

Redbeard76 said...

That's coming up in part 5 as I head down west toward Cornwall along the north coast and Dartmoor (or is it Exmoor? I get them twisted up). And then back up along the Channel coast on the way back toward Brighton and eventually Kent. Then take the train to Paris from St. Pancras station.

Ted D said...

Stephen, I've gotta say. You've planned this visit out you that you don't even know exactly when you're going better than my trip to Boston I knew about for almost 6 months.

I really hope you guys get to go someday.

Ishat's Fire said...


Sneak in at night, or go when the druids go. Don't forget your white robes.

Redbeard76 said...

Ishat, better yet, I'll be going at sunrise, I think that's when the druids actually went. However I don't want to encounter any Neo-Druids who have no clue what the real Druids were about and romanticise the idea into this goth-emo joke. Resplendent. ;)

Ishat's Fire said...

Snicker Snicker Snicker.

Just as long as you blend in.

Put the wee one Jess's shoulders. Make them one tall druid.

There are a lot of romaniticied versions of a lot of things that happened in the past and revived the new version.

Redbeard76 said...

I'm sure I'll blend in fine with the throng of tourists flocking there daily.

Anyone have any suggestions on anything else I should see whilst in this area? I know I wanted to spend some time getting lost in the small towns of the Cotswolds (Bibury is especially enchanting from what I've seen of photos) and do Cheddar Gorge and the Cheddar man. Mmmm.... cheese.

jess said...

can we just pick up your bags and go and not came back and start a new life here

Redbeard76 said...

You know I wish it was just that easy, honey. Since Jayne is knitting that extension on her house, perhaps we could live in the extension. It'll be like living in a thatched roof home.

jess said...

can you ask her what color she is useing maybe thats the only house we can buy right, its better than no house

Redbeard76 said...

Hey, I'd live in a shed on an allotment if it meant I could live in England.

A. said...

No Salisbury? Perhaps that's still to come :)

I've just followed you over from Britishspeak to say that Max is away for a couple of days. Back tomorrow I think. Thanks for leaving the link to the pictures of Wales :)

Sparkle Plenty said...

Redbeard and Jess: You two crack me up. Better get knitting, Jayne! Can you knit furniture, too?

Redbeard76 said...

Hello A, I suppose a visit to Salisbury would be in order while we're in the area of Stonehenge and Salisbury Plain! Thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog too, very strong chart on the slave trade between 1690-1807. My English ancestor came over to America (Boston) in 1640, to give a perspective of things.

Can Bass 1 said...

Don't forget to visit the Cathedral - they have the original girls' choir. We don't.

Redbeard76 said...

Hi Can Bass, the Cathedral in which city? I've heard of the Men's Choirs of Wales, but not a Girls' Choir!

Although there was a Women's Choir in my college, unfortunately sub-standard to the Chapel Choir (I sang in my first year) and the College Choir (top of the heap, I sang first tenor years 2 through 5).

Jayne said...

Hello Jess,

I can knit and get colour to order. I crochet a great kitchen too, just let me know your preferred colour scheme.

I must go, I'm knoitting a toilet and I nearly need to use it.

Ishat's Fire said...

I really want to see Shakespeare land!

O.k. that's what it would be called if it was in America.

I am just going to stow away in you baggage.

Maybe Jayne can make an addition to the addition.

Redbeard76 said...

Shakespeareland, heh. Americans have a real knack for cheesing up a good thing.

(Next time I'm in Western Mass I should go to the Emily Dickinson Museum!)

Looks like Jayne's got loads of knitting to do. I'd help but I can barely untangle a ball of yarn.

Ishat's Fire said...

I tried knitting as a girl, my grand did it all the time.

I was hopeless at it.

I can do a lot of creative things but that is just not one of them. And cross stitch drove me nuts. I couldn't get one project done.

Jess, it is hard to believe you had ADD when you can do these things. Not that I don't believe you. I just think it's amazing.

I will help with the garden on the addition. The wee ones can help, too. Two strong boys to help with manly things, and 3 girls to help with the gardening.

Redbeard76 said...

Jess says a lot of people don't believe she's got a disability after they've met her.

Hell, I didn't know until after she told me, even sometimes I'm in denial of it. The only things she can't do well is spell, read and drive. She just learns differently, but it takes some time for people to understand her, especially when she writes, that's why she has me help her with her blog posts. Her comments however are her words unfiltered.

Ishat's Fire said...

I don't mind. Dyslexia runs in my family. My daughters, my grandfather, me a little.

I can feel her pain. I use the spell checker and go over it 3 times, but I still mess up. That's why I delete and re-post so often.

I don't like when I mess up my spelling. I am usually much harder on myself than other people.

I just think it's great she has done so many things with her ADD.

So it's all set, my family and I are stowing away in your baggage.

jess said...

is your house really for us to move and how much yarn did get to use, and can you also kint us a car in blue to go with your new hosue thanks and i know your bill is in the mail

Claire said...

Okay I have had a quick look at the other posts and clicked onto the fact that this is a pretend/future trip?

I live slap bang in the middle of Liverpool and Manchester, go hiking a lot in North Wales and my sister lives 60 miles north of Inverness. So that covers a lot of your trip if you want some further knowledge :)

Did you check out my hiking posts for photographs of North Wales?

Redbeard76 said...

Hi Claire, welcome! Yes this is a future trip, hopefully to begin in the next 5 years. So you're somewhere near Wigan then, excellent. I haven't planned the exact details but hopefully I can get some walking in round Snowdonia and Ben Nevis. I'll be sure to check out your photos!

Claire said...

Cheers :)

I see you have been looking at the map then, you were nearly right. I live in the lovely town of Widnes (heavy sarcasm as its not in fact lovely).

Here is a link to hiking posts, the last two hikes I did were in North Wales. Photos and hiking posts..

Did you include the Lake District in your trip?

Redbeard76 said...

I surely did, Claire! Not to be missed, for sure. One of my illustrious bloggy buddies grew up in Wigan. Weekends in Blackpool, etc.

I'm getting on with your hiking photos, lovely, particularly Hell's Kitchen, and loving the videos.

But really, the star of your show is Willy! I can't get enough Willy! ;o)

Claire said...

Next time you speak to blogging buddy from Wigan, ask him 'Who ate all the pies' :)

Glad you like the hiking stuff.

Yep I fear Willy is more popular than me.

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