18 June 2008

Overheard this morning.

::in car commuting with carpooler KC::

::driving past a man picking something up out of a puddle::

KC: Someone lost their money and this guy's picking it up. Hope it was at least a 10 or something.
RB: Yeah, I don't think I'd stick my hand into a dank puddle for a dime.


RB: DANK. I like that word too, it's just fun.
KC: That's some DANK shit, mayne.

::laughter ensues::


Office speak phrase of the day:

"Let's get all of our arrows pointing in the same direction."

You may now commence with the eye rolling.


jess said...

thats carzy i hope it was fun for him and it was cold to play in the cold water,
its real cold to do anything and thisday is long very long

Redbeard76 said...

It's DANK!

DANK, I say!

Ishat's Fire said...

Don't we have some funny words in English.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I think you should get all your arrows pointing in the same direction: at the person who said *that*!

cake said...

"Let's get all of our arrows pointing in the same direction."


Sparkle Plenty said...

Urge your coworkers to circle their wagons! With all those arrows flying around, it's just not safe.

Ted D said...

Ranks right up there with "If we're all pushing together we can make it happen".


Dank, mang.

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