17 June 2008

Some of my favourite words.

Underwears. (yes, with the 's' on the end.)

There's my top 8. You got any words that you think are fun to say, just to say them to give you a giggle?

And there's a prize. 50 Redbeard bucks to the person who can write a sentence using all 8 words. Redbeard bucks only valid as legal tender currency in the Republic of Dalbonia.


Sparkle Plenty said...

Hey! Where's your mood sticky? I like those!

LAVASH! (It's just flatbread, but somehow it takes on a life of its own when you holler it out.)

HUGE Apologies for asking these questions and just ignore 'em if you don't feel like answering!
--How can I make my banner smaller and not have the frame thing show around it?
--Can I make my post column wider and my right sidebar wider and farther to the right? I've been in the html and I can see how to adjust the width of the columns but can't quite figure everything out.

Redbeard76 said...

You might have to change your template if you want to rid yourself of the pesky framey thingy. However I'm not so keen on altering the code of the template, my html is somewhat limited and self-taught in the 1997 version, never having learned CSS. Maybe someone who comes across this comment more proficient than I could assist.

::goes to re-add mood sticky, deleted in a fit of depression on Saturday - we writer types are so emotional::

~**Dawn**~ said...

One of my personal favorites that comes to mind is "effervescent". =)

Redbeard76 said...

Ooh, good one Dawn, I should use that one more often.

I also like 'perhaps', and I like to combine it with 'maybe', to create the more archaic sounding 'mayhaps'.

Sparkle Plenty said...

Glad you added the sticky back up there, Redbeard! :-)


Rebecca Taunton said...

Hmm...I'm up for the challenge of the sentence:

The night was as dark as filth when the juggernaut drove through the rural lane carrying plutonium and rubbish, the driver titillated his hair and muttered 'douchebag' to the radio as the presenter referred to underwears as a plural of underwear.

Or, how about:

The rural filth and household rubbish had hit the man like a juggernaut travelling a hundred miles an hour and found its way into the underwears of his suit; he knew that no amount of titillation would change him looking like a complete douchebag as he handed over the plutonium rods to the scientist.

How's that?


Redbeard76 said...

Ding Ding Ding!! We have a winner!

That was absolutely bloody brilliant, Rebecca. Happy Friday!

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