06 June 2008

Workplace hijinks and nature

Click on the photos to enlarge.

It was extreeeemely cold the other day so CB decided to wear her fleece on her legs.

I was bored so I needed to amuse myself by drawing a watch on my hand. Notice the time. Never mind my pasty whiteness.

No doggie appearances this week, this was the closest we got - DF brought in a gift she was giving a friend of hers with a Dachshund.

You must bring us.... A SHRUBBERY! Yes, one with red on the tips. Ooh yes I quite like that.

The Zen garden, replete with heelstone.

The dandelions are all but gone, but in their place have come these peculiar red flowering weeds that are actually rather pleasant looking, with their shades of purple in their stems.

A patch of the red flowering weeds.

At the crest of the hill stands what looks like a smokehouse or maple sugaring shack. Definitely abandoned, the sign above what used to be the door says "The Treehouse / Welcome".

The view from the crest of the hill looking across scenic VT route 100 to the hills of Waitsfield.

Clouds cling low to the mountaintops opposite from the lush green football/soccer/lacrosse fields on this leaden-skied day.

Oh, and the Red Sox emptied the dugout last night in a huge brawl. But of course you already know that. We won, too. The game that is, not necessarily the fight.


Ted D said...

//We won too//

Yes we did.

And Jonny Gomes is a peckerhead.

Ishat's Fire said...

Indian paintbrushes.

the pretty weeds that is. I like the pics.

Sparkle Plenty said...

COOL pictures, Redbeard!!!

1) If ya look at the watch you drew on your arm, it kinda looks like an alien head.
2) Are you sure that's not a former outhouse? I mean, ya know, Vermont and all--I've seen my share of outhouses there.

(Thanks for the photo tip on Cake's blog! I've tried resizing 'em but have been thwarted. I SHALL overcome some day! I will definitely try using the proportions you advise! Yer a prince!)

Redbeard76 said...

I'm pretty sure it's not a privy. There's a vent for where some kind of combustible appliance in there but it's a good 100+ yards from any house, maybe a house used to stand nearby. I think it belongs to the landowners who owns the land where my building is located.

(check out the new blogroll list, tells me when y'all have posted! a new blogger feature.)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Looks like we won out on the fight too, what with our suspensions vs theirs.

jess said...

i really like the pics of the flowers you took, and i do not think she needs that on her legs anymore she can put that away for the summer

Rebecca Taunton said...

I especially like the watch...something I could do with now! I like the other photographs too.

Redbeard76 said...

Hey Jess, honey, thanks for gathering the courage to leave a public comment! CB won't be needing that today, that's for sure. I guess this is what we get for whining about all those cool chilly days earlier this spring.

Hello Rebecca, thanks for the kind words. I had trouble focusing on the Indian Paintbrush with my little Kodak point-and-shoot. It was a free gift so I can't really complain much. :)

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