18 December 2007

No Place Like Home

We made it home safely. The timing of it all was great - we travelled the three hours down between the storms and back again on Monday after the second storm. Some thoughts on this weekend:

1. It's amazing how one can get used to a screaming baby in the car for 45 minutes straight.

2. Those push-snowblowers are harder to operate than they look.

3. When loading the car, walk carefully down the steps when they're icy (my hand and back are still thanking me for that one).

4. When people offer you food just after saying you need to exercise more, politely decline. This is a test.

5. Passive-aggressive people are less so when they're hosting holiday parties at their homes.

6. I almost got my face chewed off by the chupacabra pup. Errr, I mean licked off. Quite the nicest pup I've had the pleasure of keeping warm with. (It was wicked cold, he gives off beaucoup heat.)


cake said...

2. Shovelling builds character.
3. Ouch. Glad there was nothing broken.
4. People who do that will get coal for Christmas. It's a fact.
5. ::makes mental list of people to talk into hosting parties::
6. Can't go wrong when there's a puppy involved.

Glad you got back safely! You didn't miss much around the blogs. Well, Sparkle turned into a dog briefly but I'm told she's fine now.

Redbeard76 said...

Oh, I did shovelling too. I came back to an unplowed parking lot and ended up shovelling my spot out. Apparently the transmission on Mr. Plow went out and a rental plow guy did a shit job, completely missing my spot. Yes, this is my life.

Which led to my condo association lady's note about him coming back today or tomorrow to clean up, ending with "Thanks for your patients". Evidently she earned her MD over the weekend.

I made the rounds earlier this morning, I saw that I didn't miss too much. I need to watch Jayne's vid when I get home, it looks intriguing.

No love or comments for Thomas Tantrum? Quite a catchy song, that one is. Love the guy in the background "Oh no not again..."

Ted D said...

Stephen, glad to hear you made it home safe: I was worried about all my New England friends this weekend.

45 minutes? Try 19 straight hours in a car driving to Oklahoma with a 3 month old. Did it with Ciera when she was little.

Qoute the Raven, Nevermore.

Ted D said...

Or Quote.

Pod, Miles has me completely spooked.

Redbeard76 said...

Yikes Ted! She cried that long?

Tex said...

\\5. ::makes mental list of people to talk into hosting parties:://

makes list of mental people to invite when hosting party so entertainment is provided


Ted D said...

Stephen, We felt horrible once we got there. The foam around the middle of the car seat had moved and the poor kids back was bruised from the plastic hurting her back.

Brutal, man.

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