07 December 2007

Guilty Pleasure: Kid Nation

One of our favorite new shows this year is Kid Nation (photo care of CBS.com). Generally they let 40 kids run amok in a "deserted" New Mexico town with "no adult supervision". (Read as: CBS production oversee the quality of life in this recreated theme park of a ghost town.) The TV presenter (a younger non-abrasive version of Survivor's Jeff Probst) wrangles the herd together twice an episode for a reward challenge and tribunal (hmm... how original), then sends the kids back to their bunks, sometimes in the middle of the day. Yeah, that would go over real well in my house, work them all up then send them to bed - sheah!

Anywho, this week's golden star went to Alex, as pictured above. He's a surprisingly savvy 10 year old of mixed race descent (Asian and Caucasian) who sports Transition lenses. Anything else I'm missing?


I mean, how does this kid keep from tripping over it?

It's like a piece of Dentyne Ice (Chiclets for you old schoolers) hanging from his upper gum.

If he fell, would his pearly white break his fall?

If he started gnawing on his $20,000 gold star, would it sharpen?

Would poachers kill him for ivory scrimshaws?

Can a whole black market industry be created for children's teeth?

These are the sort of things I think of whilst watching Kid Nation. Now back to your regularly scheduled Chupacabra talk.

P.S. Who would win in a fight: Bear Grylls or a Chupacabra? My money's on Bear.


cake said...

That's the first thing I saw when I looked at the picture...he's got a tusk!

Are we sure he isn't a walrus in disguise?

Or maybe...a chupacabra??

Redbeard76 said...

Goo goo ca choo!

Sparkle Plenty said...

Answer to P.S. is, of course, Flaming Carrot.

Redbeard76 said...

You mean THIS Flaming Carrot???

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