06 December 2007

Guest Blogger: Bigfoot!

Hello all, some of you have probably heard of me. I also go by the name Sasquatch, and I'm often confused for a Wookkee, who is actually a distant cousin. I was wildly popular in the 1970s and 80s, and there have been several films done on me, most notably Harry and the Hendersons featuring that bastard of a minister from Footloose.

Anyway, I digress. I'm deeply troubled by all this attention given lately to this so-called Chupacabra. I don't know what all the fuss is about. I could totally take him in a cage match to the death, if he exists, that is. Have you seen any home movie footage? I didn't think so. Goats aren't even all that tasty, to be quite honest.

That is why I propose next week should be Bigfoot week. My career has suffered lately, partly due to my other cousin's Caveman show getting the ax, but overall because of a decline in interest. Let's get this Bigfoot wagon back on the road. Not that I need your sympathy, but I have 11 baby sasquatch mouths to feed at home. Hugs and kisses!

P.S. Please email me at bigfoot@mythologicalcreaturesyouhaveenjoyed.com


Lois Lane said...

Yeah! Bigfoot is in da' house!

So...who would win in a fight? Bigfoot or the Goddamn Batman?

Redbeard76 said...

Bigfoot ain't no wuss. The Goddamn Batman just got gadgets, inside Bruce Wayne is just a wuss. He can't even tell Vicky Vail he's the Goddamn Batman.

Redbeard76 said...

Follow-up: The Goddamn Batman needs a bat-signal to act upon. Bigfoot does his own thang. I rest my case.

Sparkle Plenty said...

FUNNY! Bigfoot DOES need some props. Everything's all chupa-chupa-chupa. What of the Sasquatch? And prithee, what of the Loch Ness Monster?

(I am forced to note that Flaming Carrot would win in a fight between Bigfoot and the Goddamn Batman. Sorry. Just forced to note that pro forma.)

Redbeard76 said...

The Flaming Carrot? Do tell, I have not heard of this character. Or at least leave me a link.

Bigfoot=Sasquatch. Read much? ;^)

The Loch Ness Monster (and Champ!) have received a lot of notoriety lately with the new movie forthcoming "The Water Horse". His pockets are now lined from the advance from his new movie, therefore no further publicity is necessary for Lochie.

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