05 September 2008

No such luck...

...for the game running over on time on McCain. That was stitched up quite nicely, it couldn't be more obvious that the NFL and NBC had their marching orders, however isn't it funny how nothing has been mentioned about it? Similar to the ECONOMY NOT being mentioned in McSame's speech? (Yes, I sat through the lameness that was. Clearly I laughed the whole thing off while trying to withhold my contempt for the septigenerian.) But right on for Code Pink for disrupting the speech. Bravo.

Anyhow, WTF Strahan? Has the NFL been taken over by the WWE and/or Hollywood? I have never seen anything like that opening. So surreal. But by far the quickest game I've seen, the time clock seemed to move right along. Shocking.

In other news, with Comcast retracting analog stations off their basic cable (basically having people pay the same for less service as stations migrate from analog to digital - I'm not affected in the living room as I have full digital there, but on the other 2 TVs I don't have digital boxes), MSNBC was removed from analog service. FOX NEWS was not. I smell conspiracy. Comcast, shame on you.


Chica said...

Even though I came here came here commenting yesterday about the football game, and how it was a great reminder to watch, I FORGOT it! Darnitall!

I did catch the ending of McCain's speech when the news folks were chatting about it all.

The freakiest part was when I flipped to another channel, and seen how there was a priest or someone there, and every single one of them white folk were standing and closing their eyes in prayer. Never have I seen anything like that in that type of situation..

Redbeard76 said...

Yes, it's definitely freaky. Have you by chance seen the documentary film Jesus Camp? Same people. Frightening. Unimaginable that kids are indoctrinated like that.

Who do you like in football? I'm assuming either the Seahawks or Broncos since those would be the closest 2 teams for you. Then again, I have no idea. Patriots fan here, as you probably could have guessed. Boo Giants! Hisssss! My second fave is probably the Phila Eagles.

Chica said...

Oh know Red, my homestate is Mass, I'm a full blood patriots fan. My husband though likes the Seahawks. The only broncos I like are the local BSU college team. :)

I haven't seen the jesus camp, but that stuff to me is like a weird cult, just freaks me out! lol

Ted D said...

Gonna be a long year for us 'Skins fans, Redbeard.


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