27 September 2008

Early Autumn in Vermont - Appalachian Gap

As always, clicky the piccy to biggy.

Heading up the gap on Vermont Route 17. Switchbacks ahead.

From the summit of Appalachian Gap looking west. Elevation 2375 feet, or 724 metres. In Vermont, the term "gap" or "notch" is used instead of "pass".

Radio tower also at the saddle.

The challenging gap is popular route for bicyclists. I snapped this brave fellow right before he crested, then he rode back down to his trailing mate to lend some support and crest the gap again.

Another lovely sunset from our third floor window, actually Sierra's room. She has the best view in the flat.


Ishat's Fire and Ice said...


Makes me want to venture into the mountains to the north.

Ted D said...

Great pics, Redbeard!

And your Sierra is no different than mine; best room in the place.

Anonymous said...

Wow, makes me want to visit! The trees are already turning quite a bit from the looks of things. I've heard about how beautiful the fall is there. Sigh.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ohhh... hills & autumn foliage... Almost makes a girl think. Almost.

The Rev. said...

Gorgeous photos!

I want to run out of the office and hop on my bike immediately! Damn 8 hour work day...

I've been to Vermont once, and I absolutely LOVED it. Beautiful!

MYM said...

Very pretty! Kind of reminds me of Nova Scotia.

Jayne said...

Loving the autumn pics. I love the way the leaves all turn beautiful colours. Pity I dislike the cooler weather though...

Ah well.

Hope you are good over there Rebeard!!

Take care.

Tyler-Noe'l said...

Absolutely astonishing.
tell me what its like up there?
im considering going to middlebury, and thats a big change from texas so i need some info before i decided to visit.

Unknown said...


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