12 August 2008

Top 10 Albums Ever, IMHO, a distraction.

To distract myself from what's going on around me (see yesterday's post just below), I'm going to list my top 10 albums. Something simple, but maybe it will create some interesting comments or you can even list your top ten if you so desire. I won't judge you.

1. Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlanticism
2. Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid
3. Cure: Disintegration
4. Tears for Fears: Songs from the Big Chair
5. Sigur Ros: Takk...
6. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss: Raising Sand
7. Barenaked Ladies: Gordon
8. Depeche Mode: Violator
9. The Smiths: Meat is Murder
10. Coldplay: Parachutes

Thank you to all the well-wishers, I am feeling a little better today, but who knows when the next wave will hit me. Anyone who's suffered grief before will understand - I compare it to treading water in the open ocean. You may or may not see land nearby. You can be treading water just fine, then a huge wave will suck you under, then you resurface, just trying to keep afloat, keep it together. Even for those of us some people consider "the strong ones", it's still the same. Tomorrow I will see the family and I'm sure it will happen all over again.

My/our supervisor who is blissfully unaware and out of the country - I'll be the first familiar face she sees when she comes back (I'm storing her vehicle at my place), and I'll have to break the news to her, and I've been thinking about how to do that. I won't have to do that until next Monday, and I'm sure all the same things will hit me all over again. Maybe not quite as hard or in a different way, but it will still hit me all the same.

Thanks to The Girl who made us a fantastic breakfast this morning, I was not expecting that. Thanks to her for putting up with my zombie ass.


jess said...

1)both maroon both cds
2)Justin both cds
3)Robin evolution of robin thicke
4)darren hayes-insatiable
thats all i like, and its good that your day is better for you lots of love nothing but the girl

Claire said...

I haven't been listening to whole albums long enough to have ten yet.

But I will have a think.

There is no right or wrong way to deal with grief, hopefully it wont hurt as much with time.

You have the wonderful The Girl and a lot other folks that will be there for you.

Redbeard76 said...

In case you're keeping track, is it any surprise that there are:
2 Americans listed
7 Brits listed
1 Canadian
1 Icelandic

Jayne said...

Sorry to read about your work colleague. It must have been a shock.

I'm thinking up my top ten albums. I will get back to you. I'm trying not to make it sound so.. you know.. er... pathetic. You have cool ones, most of mine aren't cool.

Redbeard76 said...

Jayne, you don't have to try to act cool around me, George Michael is all right with me. You know you're already very cool in my book. Like I said, I won't judge. I love 80s music. One of my honorable mentions would have been Mr. Mister - they had about 3 hit singles around 1985 which I just adore, unabashedly. We also had the ubiquitous Michael Jackson Thriller, ashamed to say.

Petra said...

Ok while I continue to reel from your listing of Alison and Robert's collaboration as being in your top 10 favorites, I promise not to rag on you due to the recent events in your life.

Time is the only thing that can really help when it comes to loss; unfortunately it's also the hardest thing to wait for... such a double edged sword really.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your friends family. May you all find peace with this great loss.

Petra said...

oh. and my top 10 that I listen to right now (not my top 10 ever) are in no particular order:

Kid Rock - rock n roll Jesus
Seether - Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces
Buckcherry - 15
Kenny Chesney - Greatest Hits
Hole - Celebrity Skin

Ummm...... that's 5.... I tend to be a bit repetitive at times...

Bird said...

As someone finally getting back into music again, I'm going to have to take a peek at a couple of those albums that I don't know. I'm going to think about what my list would contain as well...

As for the grief, you have my sympathy. I imagine it's still pretty raw.

Petra ~ said...

ok - I've thought of 3 of my all time favorite cds EVAH

REO - you can tune a piano but you
can't tuna fish
Meatloaf - Bat out of hell
Journey - Escape

so many others i love ... hard to pinpoint....

Petra ~ said...

Or maybe Journey Infinity instead of Escape... or maybe both....

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