25 August 2008

The Blame Game

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Frank Gunn)
Red Sox' Coco Crisp comes to the aid of RF Jacoby Ellsbury after making a catch crashing into the outfield wall.

All work and no blogging makes Redbeard a dull blogger...

Apologies for the extended absence, I've been suffering from blogger's block, plus Saturday I focused my energies so that Nothing But The Girl would have a nice post. Also now that a lot of my Red Sox bloggy buddies are on Facebook, we've been whooping it up over there. I could also blame the Olympics, that's also sapped a portion of my interest, sadly leaving the blog to hang out to dry.

Then there's also my fantasy baseball team tanking and mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, 2 fantasy football drafts (one autopicked so I'm scrambling to make changes before next Thursday), not to mention domesticity. There is much to contribute toward my blog delinquency.

I will get cracking on a cracking good post for tonight or tomorrow, hang tight!

Oh, and did I mention, I really hate John McCain and his divisive Rove-like tactics? I truly hope that you, the voter, can see through this thinly-veiled rouse.

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